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knifeistagreen (1)Choosing a Knife, whether it be for your kitchen, your outdoor adventures, or an Every Day Carry one wouldn’t be that easy when you have tons of options. Remember that you ideally want your knife  to last you a really long time.  So, the very first thing to do is find out what your needs are. You wouldn’t be choosing the same knife for your kitchen and camping purpose, would you? What to say there are plenty of different types of kitchen knives, pocket knives, hunting or survival knives. For eg: would you use your paring knife that cuts vegetables as a steak knife? No, right?. You don’t need to buy a heavy blade rambo knife as an EDC either. So the key thing to do is to find out your specific needs are before committing to a purchase.

Keeping your knives sharp  is an important matter as well. If you have a dull blade, what is the point of having a knife then. Knife sharpeners are essential if you want to keep your knife edge sharp. There are different kind of sharpeners for eg: sharpening stones, steels, pull through sharpeners and electric knife sharpeners. Each of them has their pros and cons as well. And a sharpener that can sharpen your survival or pocket knife may not sharpen your kitchen knives. Straight edge and serrated knives needs different sharpeners generally, though there are sharpeners that can sharpen both. So buying a knife sharpener is bit confusing as buying a knives.

After you’ve identified your needs you may go and pick some models from E commerce platforms like Amazon or knifecenter. Once you have picked a few models, find out which ones fulfill most of your criteria like price, performance, blade length for a survival knife, or portability for knife sharpener. Yes, this is a tricky question indeed, to which different people may have different answers but it’s also the most important of all. It is a common practice to go just by relying reviews on E commerce platforms but it’s not the best approach because your needs might not match with that of others. By being subjective you’ll find long enduring, reliable and effective knives and sharpeners for you.

Here at knifeista.com, we have arranged a  surplus of information about knives and sharpeners. From guides, tips to reviews, we got it all.  Come and have a look at our best of Buyer’s guides.

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