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The kitchen knife – is it supposed to be a heavy-duty device for meat and bones or a tool to help you deal with fruits and vegetables? Can it be all in one? It seems an ordinary topic, but a kitchen knife is supposed to do so much! Will one do it all or will you need a whole set? Which are the best kitchen knives?

Choosing a kitchen knife can be confusing. These items can be plain different. There are so many tasks in the kitchen and there is no one knife to handle them all. This is why you will need at least a few types of such knives. According to your needs and habits, you will determine how many kitchen knives you should get. Our guide will help you understand the uses of each generic model, distinguish between common brands, types and identify what is needed- in short how to find the best kitchen knives for you.


Before purchasing, you will have to answer yourself the following questions:

  • What is your cuisine style? Are you a vegetarian, a vegan? Or you often buy raw meat and cook it at home?
  • Do you cook meals from scratch or you buy things that are almost done and only call for light preparation?
  • How easily do you deal with food that’s regularly found in your kitchen? Do you struggle peeling, cutting, chopping and so on? 


Answering these will help you identify your needs firstly. There is no need in buying a knife that is designed for meat cutting if you are vegetarian or you never have time to cook your meat at home. Also, you won’t need plenty of cutting tools if you mostly buy ready meals and do only light cooking at home.

Let us take a look now at the best known types of kitchen knives, at what they’re like and what they can do best. It is important to realize that “any knife will do” is not a helpful approach. No one likes to struggle. Make your kitchen jobs easy by choosing the right knife. Don’t trouble yourself and double or triple the time you spend in the kitchen.

The Paring Knife

Blade dimension: small, 3 to 4 inches.

Paring Knife

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The paring knife is seen by many as the best kitchen knife. It is ideal if you deal with a lot of vegetables. The blade ends in a sharp point. Because of their smaller dimensions, these knives allow for great control. They will help you accomplish high precision tasks as well. These are suitable to all the basic utility work.

Paring knives are not all made equal. You can have them with straight or wavy edges, with the basic cook’s knife shape or the bird’s beak shape. When it resembles the latter, it can be used to peel vegetables and fruits. It is also ideal for carving. Note that also a straight blade is good for peeling, so you’re not bound to this curved shape. Thanks to their sharp pointed end, paring knives are also good for discarding the black eyes from a potato or separating meat from bones. These will successfully skin onions or tail vegetables. They will peel oranges and apples and especially cut tomatoes.

Chef’s Knife (Cook’s Knife)

Chef's Knife

This is the common, generic kitchen knife. The popular one. This is the all-rounder everyone is aiming for. At the wide end, the blade is larger than the handle. The blade is broad overall and curves upwards towards its tip. It has a robust backbone to make the knife more firm. A chef’s knife may come in medium and mini shape. Sizes are between 6 and 12 inches.

The best chef knife is a straight-edges one, because it can be sharpened as needed instead of replaced.

It is good for mincing, cutting, chopping and slicing. Its size will help you achieve high speeds at chopping. Choose a smaller knife if you want it to be more lightweight. Also, if you have small hands pick one with a shorter blade.

The best chef knives have bolsters. These are pieces of metal between the handle and the blade. Their role is to anchor the thumb and stop the knife from slipping. This is a very important feature. Whether it has a full or partial tang is not as important. Another important aspect is to identify a knife with a good balance. It will feel awkward if one of its halves (the blade or the handle) is a lot heavier than the other.

The Cleaver

Main feature: very wide and heavy blade.

The Cleaver

Not everyone is in need of a cleaver. It is the tool of cooks who prepare raw meat and who have to deal with the bones. This is a big knife with a very wide beveled blade and a thick spine. It can cut through poultry bones. You need strength to operate it. One cannot use this heavy blade for slicing, but for chopping and pounding ingredients.

There are also Chinese cleavers on the market. This particular type features a thinner blade than the regular cleaver. It can deal with meat but cannot split a bone. It has a narrower spine and can be used to tenderize the meat.

The Japanese Kitchen Knife


Main feature: a very sharp edge.

Sashimi Knife

If it’s Japanese, you know it’s going to be somewhat different. Counted among the best kitchen knives, the Sashimi is traditionally Japanese and can cut through a whole range of ingredients. It helps you prepare food easily and quickly. Its edge is super sharp. The blade is regularly the hollow-ground type. Be careful and don’t use it for chopping or other high-impact tasks. When using force, it loses its edge quickly. Prefer it for slicing and dicing. It handles ingredients from fruit and vegetables to meat.


Santoku knife

There is also a Japanese version of the chef’s knife. It is known as the Santoku. Its very wide blade will slice meat but also chop vegetables. Because its spine is really narrow, it will make thin cuts. You may even use the blade width to crush garlic cloves. The Santoku is great for all ingredients.

Boning Knives

Main feature: a very stiff blade.

Boning Knives

You can use this to cut meat, including poultry and fish. Boning knives come in many shapes, so be aware of these. A wide one is the best for pork, but also works with chicken meat. Narrow blade models  easily cut through cartilage and can chop well. A curved blade boning knife is the best when you want to improve the cutting angle and cut well around the bone, like really close to it.

Steak Knives

Main features: 4-6 inches long, serrated edge.

steak knivesTo cut steaks and chicken, you need a heavy-duty knife, yet not a massive one. The best steak knives are usually the ones with a serrated edge. Its blade measures 4-6 inches in length. Thickness varies. Once the sharpness wears off, you will have to replace the knife. Avoid placing it in the dishwasher, because it damages the edge much sooner. We made a list of some of the steak knives you won’t go wrong with:

Best Steak Knives

  • Wusthof Gourmet/Classic (especially the Wusthof Classic Ikom Steak Knives): Durable, sturdy,compact steak knives with very thin yet sharp blades.  Forged in German high carbon steel this knife features recessed bloster so as to sharpen the full length of the cutting edge. Expensive

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  • Shun Steak Knives: Elegant, balanced and well-angled edge. Forged in High carbon steel with razor sharp edge and dishwasher safe as well. Shun offers limited lifetime warranty. Expensive

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  • Schmidt BrothersOffers relatively inexpensive models of steak knives. Features stainless steel blades.

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  • Chicago Cuttlery SteakHouse KnivesCheap yet popular steak knives. Serrated edge with high carbon steel, full tang blades.

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  • Laguiole en AubracFrench made, highly rated steak knives that has serrated and non serrated models. Mirror polished razor sharp blades made form stain less steel. Expensive

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Kitchen Knife Set 

If you’re going for a set, take your time to look for one that contains only knives you know you will be using. Here’s what to look for:

– a paring knife,

– a chef’s knife,

– a bread (serrated) knife,

– a utility knife.

Sets can have very different numbers of kitchen knives, from just the basics to more than 15. Big sets contain many specialized knives and other similar tools. Ultimately, your purchase will also be influenced by price.

Here are some suggestions – the best big/small sets, cheap or more expensive sets.

Best Kitchen Knife Set

  • Old Hickory 5 Piece Cutlery Set –cheap; wooden handles. Types of knives it includes: small paring, big paring, butcher’s, boning and slicing.

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  • Ethan Becker Signature Cooking Knives, Series 1 –  affordable, with santoprene handles and hardened stainless steel blades. Includes: small santoku, big santoku, utility, French cook knife.

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  • Boker Gorm 7 Piece Kitchen Block Set – on the expensive side; black micarta handles; features all important knife sizes; stainless steel blades; excellent control through design and material.

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  • Wusthof Silverpoint II 18 Piece Knife Block Set– complete set; high precision; blade forged through laser technology. Includes: flat cut paring knife, spear point paring, bird’s beak peeling knife, 6 steak knives, bread knife, utility knife, serrated utility knife and more, plus kitchen shears and sharpening steel.

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Understanding Particularities


The Edge

  • A straight edge is good for cutting raw meat, for slicing fish but also for cutting vegetables. It is easy to sharpen, which is a great advantage. It required frequent sharpening. It can also lose its edge pretty fast if it’s not made of something durable. If the blade is not too big, it can make really precise cuts. 
  • A serrated edge or a wavy one cuts bread well – it’s great with products that are soft but have a crust or skin. You can use it to cut vegetables, fruits or sausages for example. 
  • A Granton edge has grooves on its side. It is good for slicing juicy or fatty foods. It cuts meat without shredding it. 


The Handle

You will notice that kitchen knife handles are made of a variety of materials. The most common are wood, plastic and metal. If you must handle a lot of kitchen work and you usually deal with heat, your hands may easily sweat. In fact, it is hard to avoid moisture in the kitchen. Firstly, we advise that you choose something that feels comfortable in your hand. Also, metal and plastic do not go well with humidity. To have a better grip and feel more comfortable, pick knives that have a wooden or a rubber handle.

Other features of the handle: You may feel tempted to buy intricate, ornate knives. Resist the temptation. If it has any intricacies – like carvings – it will be difficult to clean it. Reside will stick to it and bacteria will grow. Also, be mindful of the metal rivets. While these are excellent elements to secure the tang inside the handle, you don’t want them to stick out. These must be smooth and integrate perfectly into the handle.

What Brands to Go For?

Are there big differences between the makers?

As with most products, there are great ones, and there are cheap imitations as well. There are brands with a history, which won’t let you down. For some you will have to pay more, but will last you “a lifetime”.

  • VictorinoxThese professional knives are now improved and come with more features. They have a full tang, rivets, great balance and ideal weight. The Swiss manufacturer is also the knife provider of the army. Its kitchen cutlery is as remarkable as the famous multifunctional Swiss Army pocket knives. All items come with a lifetime warranty. 
  • Korin GiutouThis refers to a chef’s knife made by the Japanese. It is fabricated of high-carbon steel. It is extremely comfortable to handle. Makes perfect slices. Very sharp, ideal for precise cutting. 
  • RichmondThis manufacturer makes sharp and thin blades which keep their edge. Light knives with good grip. Particularly good for herbs and vegetables. Usually these knives have rosewood handles, which make them pricier. 
  • Shun – The Japanese company is one of the masters. It makes blades in Damascus style. These blades have 16 covers of high carbon stainless steel. It is called the VG-10 super steel. 
  • Wusthof – A German company, this one has a solid reputation in the industry. It makes heavy, thick knives, which are highly resistant. Chefs tend to choose these. The blades are easy to sharpen. 


5 Best Kitchen Knives of 2014


1.Victorinox Fibrox Chef’s Knife 8 Inch

Victorinox Fibrox

 The established Swiss brand has come up with one exceptional product. It is the same company that has   produced the world’s most amazing multi-functional pocket knife – the Swiss Army knife. The 8-inch Fibrox is great because it’s suitable to both beginners and experts. You can use it at any skill level. This is something you won’t find in many other knives on the market. Being priced around $40, it costs a fraction of what the competitors advance. Being a chef’s knife, the Victorinox Fibrox handles pretty much anything you need it to. The traits that recommend it are:

  • comfortable
  • fit for daily use
  • affordable
  • solid
  • Fibrox handle – easy to grip 

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2.Suisin High Carbon Steel 8.2-Inch Korin Gyutou

Suisin Korin Gyutou

A respectable knife like this will show you that there’s no need for a whole set. You only need one good piece. It may not deal with bones and other heavy materials, but it will do all the mincing and slicing you need. Besides, it is further recommended thanks to the following:

  • a deeply curved edge
  • excellent control
  • lightweight
  • high quality blade material – Swedish steel
  • easy to sharpen to perfection.

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3.Wusthof Classic

Wusthof Classic 8

For the Western world, the Wusthof Classic knife is an icon. Its widely curved blade makes a rocking motion possible when mincing and chopping. It works well with herb, but also with poultry. It features a wood handle with rivets and a big bolster for a natural and safe grip. The Wusthof Classic comes in two versions: the 8-inch and the 10-inch. For more of the heavy-duty work, choose the bigger one. It will further impress you with its:

  • great balance
  • hand-honed blade
  • durability
  • stiffness
  • excellent control
  • lifetime guarantee.

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4.Richmond Addict 2


Fit for bigger hands, the Addict 2 from Richmond is a robust, big yet very light kitchen knife. Its 5.5cm heel ensures that knuckles never get crushed. The blade is big as well. Concerning the price, it is on the expensive side, but you will understand why. As a tool for professional, they have reported the following:

  • comfortable grip
  • rosewood handle
  • holds the edge very well. 


5.Shun Hiro Santoku

shun hiro santoku

These Japanese knives are known for their good finish, but they also impress through top-notch quality.  The Hiro Santoku can take you to a pro level. Its 7 inches of blade holds its fabulous sharpness and lets you achieve speed. The blade has a steel core with alternating stainless steel and nickel outer layers. Check out some more of its attractive specifications:

  • handmade
  • comfortable handle
  • great design
  • heavy-duty blade 

It handles all basic tasks, which really makes it an all-in-one kitchen knife for the experts out there. We are thinking of experts here because of its price – you will pay about $200 for this piece. However, you may never need any additional knife for your kitchen work.

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Concluding the Kitchen Knives Story

Now you know what the basic types of knives are good for, what features to focus on and which brands to look for. You only have to determine your budget and identify your needs. Also, take into consideration some of your physical features, like the size of your hands or how easily your palms sweat. These aspects will help you further with determining the exact type of kitchen knife to buy. Once you get the perfect piece or pieces, you will be inspired to unleash your talent in the kitchen. You will prepare meals faster and with more enthusiasm.

Our list of best kitchen knives are just a scratch to the surface. There is so many good kitchen knives out there. Drop a comment and let us know what do you think of this article