Karambit Knife 101

what are karambits used for

Originating from the Minangkabau people of West Sumatra in Indonesia, the Karambit knife has a history that goes back for centuries and is still widely used today. Thought to be inspired by cat claws, this knife is mostly used today for self-defence rather than its original agricultural purposes. While this knife is definitely cool and … Read more

Is the Becker BK2 Right for You?

Thinking about buying a knife that will meet all of your survival needs? Look no further! The Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion is the perfect one for you and your needs. After reading countless reviews, this knife has proven itself to be worth the cost, which is low. This knife is guaranteed to meet all of … Read more

Kamikoto Knife Review: A Cut Above the Rest

kamikoto cleaver review

This Kamikoto knife review highlights one of the finest knives out there. Japanese knives have rightly admired the world over for their keen cuts, the way they hold an edge, their strength, and even their styling. For this Kamikoto knife review, we decided to see how this knife performed and how it compared to other … Read more

Quick Tips On How To Use A Butterfly Knife

knife on a stone

image via: pixabay.comDo you have an interest in knives? maybe you enjoy hunting and fishing or wood carving. if so, you probably have several knives used for specific purposes. or you may like to collect different styles of knives as a hobby. in this article, we’ll talk about a special knife that’s popular with collectors … Read more

What Is A Santoku Knife? The Roots Of This Japanese Kitchen Tool

chopping board with a knife along with chopped vegetables

If you’re in the market for high-quality kitchen utensils, your knife choice is a great place to start. Maybe you’ve been searching but don’t have a clear understanding of what makes one knife different from another. Or maybe if after watching Rachel Ray’s cooking show you were still left asking yourself, “what is a Santoku … Read more