Benchmade 940 Review: Product Specs, Price, And More

Benchmade 940 knife

There are so many top-notch Benchmade knives, that it is almost impossible to settle on just one. However, today, we will examine the Benchmade 940 series knives.

This includes the Benchmade 940, 940-1 and 940-2.

They are a great set of knives to have and fans adore them, for good reason.

Truly, they are a cut above the rest, pun intended.

With manufacturers trying to decrease production costs, knives nowadays, tend to lose their overall value and durability. This being so that consumers would continue buying more knives.

But this is not the case with Benchmade, whose name should actually be “Benchmark.” There is almost a cult like following for their products. They do not cut corners and they stick by their products.

This American company offers great warranties.

Their customer service is also well above par.

It is not something you see in this day and age. They have done well in maintaining a great product, in an industry that is becoming far more substandard than it should be.

Comparison Table

Benchmade - 940 EDC Knife, Reverse Tanto Blade, Plain Edge, Satin...
  • ALL-AROUND UTILITY: A quintessential EDC tool that combines simplicity with unmatched function, no matter the...
  • AMERICAN MADE CPM-S30V STEEL: For first-rate edge retention and corrosion resistance; Reverse tanto blade is nimble,...
  • DURABLE 6061-T6 ALUMINUM HANDLE: Is anodized, fully ambidextrous, has a smooth satin grip, and is suitable for just...

This is the best pocket knife to have. Designed by Warren Osbourne, deceased and former knife maker for Benchmade, the 940 is remarkable.

Regardless of any obscure faults, this Benchmark knife is a great investment.

It will serve you faithfully.

About Benchmade

In 1988, Benchmade launched its product line. But the 940 was only released about 14 years ago.

It was well accepted then and it is still in demand now.

This knife company is like a Rolls Royce in the pocket knife world. It is top of its class.

Benchmade makes their knives against incredible quality control standards from first-rate materials. People prefer their products because they have a formidable reputation.

Specs Of The Benchmade 940

This knife retails for around $180.

The blade is made from CPM-S30V and the handle from aluminum. The handle also comes with a purple anodized titanium backspacer.

Benchmade 940 EDC Manual Open Folding Knife

CPM-S30V is a high quality steel, which provides the knife with a long lasting sharpened edge. There is an axis lock and it is deployed by a thumb stud.

The blade is 3.4” long and overall the entire knife is 7.87”.

This Benchmade 940 knife has a modified reverse tanto blade that is about 0.114” thick.

While the handle is 0.4” thick.

It is a lightweight of 2.9 ounces and you won’t almost notice that it is in your pocket.

The 940 Pocket Knife

This knife is the definition of steel function and exquisiteness.

The good thing is that there are a number of designs made with the CPM-S30V high quality stainless steel blade. And they also have the modified clip point blade on the 943 models.

The one deficiency that we found with this 940 knife is the pocket clip.

It takes away from the overall superiority of the knife.

The pocket clip has a stainless steel that is painted in black and it chips off. Too easily, in fact. You might notice this only after a few weeks of use, depending on how heavy a demand you have on the knife.

Before the Benchmade 940 used to come with a Parkerized split-arrow pocket clip. This has since changed. However, the limited edition versions have it.

But the recent series of 940 knives also have a large and clunky pocket clip. It is in contrast to this very sylphlike tool.

A plus is that it can be handled by both right and left-handed users,

You can close the device with only one hand thanks to the AXIS locking mechanism. It keeps the blade very securely fastened.

The easiest way to open the 940 knife is to just flip it open or pull back the handle.

The Benchmade 940 has a wholly balanced design. This is supported by its weight, width and length that give perfect handling all day long.

It will support you well on your hiking and camping expeditions, or even just cutting open a mailed parcel. It is sturdy enough to puncture even the body of a car.

Do not take this little pocket knife for granted.

If you are a hunter, it can cut through a fresh kill in seconds, or cut down your nylon rope to its preferred length.

After a friend of mine broke the tip of the knife by prying open a car door, not a usual use of the implement, the company responded and replaced it. After all, not everyone could do that. He was a pretty big and muscular person.

You don’t have to worry about the grip. The handle is ergonomically designed to support a firm grip. You won’t feel uncomfortable if you have to cut through an equally durable object.

There is no slippage, once you have a firm hold.

Apart from the price, the all-metal body, which makes it cold in winter usage, this is a great knife to own.

Benchmade - 940-1 EDC Knife, Reverse Tanto Blade, Plain Edge, Satin...
  • ALL-AROUND UTILITY: A quintessential EDC tool that combines simplicity with unmatched function, no matter the...
  • HIGH-END CPM-S90V STEEL: Uniform microstructure gives it a superior edge when it comes to wear and corrosion resistance...
  • ULTRALIGHT CARBON FIBER HANDLE: Exceptionally strong with a featherweight feel in the hand and gnarled texture across...

The 940-1 Benchmade knife retails for around $260.00. Many would get sticker shock just trying to rationalize getting a pocketknife for that amount of money.

But many users of these types of products understand the importance of getting a high quality knife.

It can come down to a matter of life or death.

Their survival depends on owning such knives.

So you can’t put a price value on your life, now can you?

Benchmade is a quality brand, that makes top quality products and they cost, what they are worth to produce.

Specs Of The Benchmade 940-1

Like its predecessor, it has an axis lock and weights just over 2.44 ounces.

From tip to end, this knife is about 7.87 inches. The blade makes up for 3.4 inches and it is made from S90V steel.

It is another great knife from this top-notch company in the United States.

The Benchmade 940-1 Blade

A reasonably current surge in modernization brought numerous innovative blade designs to the forefront of the knife industry.

Without a doubt, it has the most trendy and practical, blade designs, which is the reverse tanto.

Benchmade 940-1 Knife

It has an intense but thickset tip.

This permits the blade to pierce objects with ease.

It also has a first-rate slicing ability because of its long cutting edge. There are no brittle spots because it has micro-carbide processed steel, thanks to Crucible.

It will resist rust spots and edge rolls because of the large vanadium carbides. So you can depend on a keen working edge, for a good while.

Be careful to maintain the razor sharp edge often.

If you lose it, you will need patience to reshape the steel.

If you are a steel lover, this S90V is a dozy. The Benchmark 940-1 blade is pretty close to perfection.

The Benchmade 940-1 Handle

Possibly, the 940-1’s most prominent feature is its handle. It is a gorgeous mixture of natural, flowing lines, along with striking materials.

Benchmade did not skimp on using the best materials for this knife.

The knife has a  basket-weave carbon fiber that is absolutely gorgeous. It even shimmers in low light. But there are no voids or defects in the carbon fiber.

Skinny knives usually have an issue with being comfortable for the user and ergonomic in its grip, but not so with the Benchmade 940-1.

It has a nested gimping on the face and backside along with a gentle forward coil.

This allows the saber grip to give your thumb and pointer finger, some traction. The grip is similarly comfy in any grip, also the pocket clip hides into the palm of your hands, while not being uncomfortable.  

The size of this knife is physically balanced. More so than we saw before in ages.  

Really, for a knife so light, the equilibrium is unbelievable.

Even though, eventually I put the silver deep carry clip on my Benchmade 940-1, this tool is uniformly striking, even with a stock clip.

The Benchmade 940-1 Lock

The axis lock on the Benchmade 940-1 is easy to use, to deploy and to reengage.

You won’t have a problem no matter which hand you use.

That is one of the components that make the knife popular. The deployment of the blade is really fast, when you use the thumb stud.

An additional well-liked technique to open the knife is by holding down the Axis lock. Then you swing the handle, and flip the blade out. After which, you discharge the locking mechanism prior to it getting to the stop pin.

Without a doubt, it is a part of the lure of these knives.

Even though they are exceptional tools, one cannot help but play around with it a bit.

The confinement chamber is completely unyielding. It won’t allow the blade to jingle around in any direction.

This Benchmade knife always comes flawlessly.

It is different from the 940 in that, the former had a closed design, meanwhile the 940-1 has a flow through design. The latter is also a tad bit heavier.

Totally unrecognizable, when held in the palm of your hand.

Again, such a lightweight knife, can easily be forgotten in your pocket. Just try to remember it, if you are going through the airport.

Benchmade - 940-2 Knife, Reverse Tanto Blade, Plain Edge, Satin...
  • ALL-AROUND UTILITY: A quintessential EDC tool that combines simplicity with unmatched function, no matter the...
  • AMERICAN MADE CPM-S30V STEEL: For first-rate edge retention and corrosion resistance; Elegant clip-point construction...
  • ULTRA DURABLE G10 HANDLE: Features a resin-soaked fiberglass body that's impervious to moisture and stable across...

On Amazon, this knife can start for around $170.00.

The company offers LifeSharp service and a lifetime warranty. Imagine, they do the sharpening for you or maintain the condition.

It is easy, comfortable and has a great grip.

Specs Of The Benchmade 940-2

The G10 grip on this knife is tough, resistant to humidity, and also it is unwavering even in intense temperatures.

The Benchmade 940-2 also has a CPM-S30V stainless steel blade.

This knife will keep its razor sharp edge for a long time due to the heat treatment process on the high quality steel blade.

This knife is very thin, but sturdy, with a 3.5″ blade.

You possibly will think that such a blade is a disadvantage. We reassure you that this is not the case.

It only makes for a more lightweight blade at 2.65 oz.

Benchmade 940-2 Knife

There are only a few other blades quite as light as the Benchmade 940-2 opening mechanism.

The knife also has a very quick. It would easily make the top three lists of the fastest knives on the market.

It is a great improvement on the Benchmark 940 design.

The knife is made with the reverse tanto design, which means that it is a great knife, with great durability and tip penetration.

As mentioned, it comes with a G10 grip that won’t fray so easily. It is better than the nylon scales, which was a previous feature of the mini grip types.

As it relates to its ambidextrous axis lock,  it is very user friendly. If you are a right-hander or left-hander, you should not have any problems maneuvering the knife.

Many users boast about this feature, because it allows for multiple users, if needs be.

Get one for yourself and you will understand.

We love the Benchmark 940-2 and think it is a great investment, regardless of the cost. It is a great American made product that is super lightweight and will fit nicely in your pocket.

No matter whether you are male or female.

Benchmade Top Notch Knives Are Worth The Investment

When you purchase these products, you are not thinking about buying another knife for a great many years.

Plus with Benchmade’s superb customer service, you just might never have to.

They offer lifetime guarantees, sharpens the knife for you and conducts any repairs that are needed. No wonder they are at the top of the game and no wonder their clients are lifelong fans.

Benchmade continues to deliver, even after 20  years. If anything, they get better and better over time.

They are the type of company that takes pride in ensuring that their customers are happy with the product, no matter whose problem it is.

Warren Osbourne, the great knife maker and partner of Benchmade, would have been proud.

We recommend that you have a look at websites such as Wal-Mart and Amazon to compare prices. You can also review Benchmade’s website for more high quality knives.

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