Best Boot Knife: Buyers Guide For The Best Boot Knives

Best boot knife

Boot knives have been around for a long time, and it seems they will continue to be part of people’s lives for many years to come. As the term implies, these knives are meant to be conveniently carried in or on your boots. They have a small form factor to allow easy concealability. But why should anyone attach a knife to their boots in the first place?

Attackers lurk everywhere, and safety-conscious people know that they should be prepared to defend themselves in case of any attack. Wearing a boot knife is favored by a lot of people because it provides instant access to the small weapon in times of need.

Though boot knives are primarily designed for self-defense, they can also come in handy in many everyday situations that may require the use of a smallish blade knife. These knives usually come with a clip-on sheath – the casing used to cover or hold the knife - that can easily fit into or on most boots.

What is the best boot knife available for you? There are so many different kinds of boot knives that may fit the bill, hence making a choice can be a rather daunting task. Before jumping into 11 of the best boot knives you can find on the market today, you should know what to consider when searching for the best boot knife. 

Top 4 Aspects To Consider When Selecting A Boot Knife Best-Suited To You

Take a look at 4 important things to consider when shopping for the best boot knife.

1. Type Of Boots You Wear

The best boot knife for you will depend on which type of boot you have. Some boots have pockets incorporated into the interior lining of the shoe to allow concealed carry of boot knives, some provide particular places to attach boot knife sheaths, while others are not designed with concealment of boot knives in mind, and hence you will have to improvise how to wear your boot knife.

If you own a pair of boots that provide built-in pockets for slotting in a boot knife or have places to attach a boot knife sheath, you simply need to choose a knife that perfectly fits into or on the provided space. Measure how much space is available for knife carry and find a compatible knife model.

If you have a pair of plain boots, you will need to find a knife you can wear on the boots without compromising concealability or your comfort and safety.

2. Knife Design And Construction

While they are mostly meant to be used for self-defense, not all boot knives are made the same way. Boot knives vary in size, shape, construction material, material finish, color and more.

For this reason, it is important that you carefully think about the design of your knife before choosing one. Generally speaking, you should choose something that is easy to hide, draw and handle. The aesthetics of the knife might not come in handy during an attack, but if you appreciate visually nice-looking weaponry, you can always find something that meets the criterion.

3. Knife Laws

Legislation on knife carry in the U.S. vary from state to state, so you should know what laws apply to your specific state and local area before investing in a boot knife. You won’t want to buy a knife only to later find out that carrying it is prohibited by law.

4. Knife Prices

Another important thing you need to consider is how much it costs to buy a particular boot knife. Look for something that falls within your budget and fulfills your needs in the best way possible.

Top 11 Best Boot Knives To Consider Buying In 2018

Here are reviews of 11 of the best boot knives found on the market at the moment.

Smith & Wesson SWHRT9B 9in High Carbon S.S. Fixed Blade Knife with...
  • Dimensions: 9 inch (22.9 centimeter) overall length with a blade length of 4.7 inches (12.1 centimeter) and a weight of...
  • Durable: Blade is made of reliable 7Cr17MoV high carbon stainless steel with a black rubber wrapped handle
  • Dependable: Quick and easy access with the convenient belt or boot sheath making it ideal for everyday carry

The stainless steel construction of this blade knife makes it extremely sturdy. The overall length of this knife is 9” (approximately 229 mm), with a blade length of 4.7” (approximately 121 mm). This razor-sharp, double-edged tactical dagger weighs 7.7 oz. (220 g), and is black in color.  

Its combat design makes it ideal for self-defense. The molded handle is made to perfectly fit the grasp of a human hand. The curvature at the end of the handle – where the handle meets the blade – improves the user’s grip of the knife. If you are looking for a practical yet very affordable boot knife, you should try this 9” blade knife made by Smith & Wesson.

MTech USA Xtreme MX-8059 Series Fixed Blade Tactical Knife, Two-Tone...
  • Tactical fixed blade knife sized just right for carrying in your boot
  • Two-tone, double half-serrated blade made of 440 stainless steel
  • G10 handle offers a superior grip in even the wettest of conditions; lanyard hole on end

This 9” tactical fixed blade knife comes with a two-tone, half-serrated blade made of one piece of stainless steel with a handle fastened onto it. This construction design ensures the knife is extremely strong and durable.

The edges of the blade are not razor sharp, but they are decently sharp to effectively work as a self-defense weapon. The G10 handle offers a good grip of the knife even with wet hands. Given the small price you will have to pay for this knife, it is a great deal if you are looking for a simple yet functional boot knife.

Buck Knives 0616BKS OPS BOOT Tactical Knife with Versatile Sheath
  • RAZOR SHARP TANTO BLADE- 3" Tanto 154CM Stainless Steel Blade delivers excellent edge retention, corrosion resistance,...
  • STURDY, LIGHTWEIGHT- Full Tang Construction and very strong, designed for heavy use. Holds up to piercing, scraping and...
  • SAFE AND SECURE GRIP - The Contoured Grip with Deep Finger Groove and Injection Molded reinforced nylon G10 handle...

Are you looking for a boot knife you can use for heavy cutting applications besides using it to protect yourself from attackers? The 0616BKS OPS boot tactical knife with versatile sheath is designed and built to do just that.

The 3” Tanto-style blade made of 154CM stainless steel makes this knife ideal for heavy use, including scraping, piercing, and even cutting through some extremely hard materials. The knife is easy to handle, thanks to its G10 handle, which provides a safe and comfortable grip of the knife.

It comes with a versatile sheath that can be used to carry your weapon in or on your boot, but also on your waist belt and around the neck. If you are shopping for a lightweight yet reliable knife for the field, you are going to love this 2.5 oz. boot knife.

SOG Small Fixed Blade Knives - Snarl 2.3 Inch Sheepsfoot Blade, Belt...
  • 2.3 INCH FULL TANG KNIFE BLADE: The Snarl is a compact fixed blade tactical knife, hunting knife, EDC knife or neck...
  • 1.9 OUNCE 9CR18MOV STAINLESS STEEL FIXED BLADE: This satin-polished full tang pocket knife, tac knife, outdoor knife and...
  • KYDEX SHEATH AND UTILITY NECK KNIFE CHAIN: An easy-clip camping knife and hiking knife with fixed blade handle; clip...

This blade knife has an overall length of 4.3 inches. The blade is 2.3 inches long, meaning the handle length is about 2 inches. But the handle of this blade knife is not the ordinary kind of handle that comes attached to the blade.

The handle is essentially a large finger hole and ring pommel that allows easy grasp and use of the knife. The blade comes with a satin (semi-shiny) finish, which helps hide blemishes caused by minor resulting from normal use. This blade knife is suitable for both boot and neck carry.

Combat Commander Sub Commander Black Mini Boot Knife
  • Safety and Durability tested for the toughest conditions
  • Quality materials used to make all United Products
  • For enthusiasts, collectors and tough users all over the world

This 5” combat design mini knife is double-edged. It features a 2.5” long blade with a plain top edge and a partly serrated bottom edge. The blade is razor-sharp and strong, thanks to its AUS-6 stainless steel construction. The thermoplastic rubber (TPR) handle ensures an impact resistant, non-slip grip when using the knife.

If you are looking for a nice-looking, compact weapon for your self-defense, this is a great buy. It can be conveniently laced up on boots for easy concealment, and is highly effective at fighting off attackers. The injection-molded sheath used to carry this knife is designed to ensure your weapon is easily accessible in case of an attack.

Guardian Back-Up Knife, Double Edge, Fine Edge [45803]
  • Double-edge blade
  • Non-reflective black blade coating
  • Adjustable withdraw tension sheath

The Guardian Back-Up knife model 45803 made by Gerber is a black, non-reflective double-edge knife that can be carried on boots, belts, or straps. The overall length of this dagger-style knife is 7.28”, and the blade length is 3.41”. The knife weighs about 3 oz., so it is super light and convenient to carry around.

The handle is made from Santoprene (glass-filled) nylon for easy handling and proper grip. The soft-grip inserts incorporated into the design of the handle ensures better comfort and grip. The sheath of the knife is adjustable, meaning you can set a suitable withdraw tension for your knife.

CRKT Shrill Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath: Light Weight, Double Edged...
  • Useful Utility: Classic blade shape provides proven utility
  • Strong And Visual: Resin infused fiber handle combines strength with visual appeal
  • High Quality: Durable, full grained leather sheath with clip

This fixed blade knife appeals to many boot knife carriers in the U.S. and across the world because of its outstanding design and construction. This 4.8” double-edge blade knife is razor-sharp on both edges and can be used to easily cut tough materials. It has a spear-point shape, which is suitable for piercing chores.

The blade is light in weight, yet it is remarkably robust and durable because it is made from high-grade steel. The Titanium Nitride finish applied onto the blade increases its strength and longevity. The handle is full tang and comes with a polished finish to add more style and elegance to the knife.

This tactical boot knife that serves and protects is an amazing self-defense weapon available to you at a great price. It comes with a leather sheath that can be secured onto your boot or belt.

SOG Small Fixed Blade Knife - Instinct Boot Knife, EDC Knife, Neck...
  • SMALL KNIFE WITH SHEATH: The SOG Instinct is the perfect small fixed blade knife for your EDC gear; tactical neck knife...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT EDC KNIFE: 2.3 oz. Slim necklace knife is a great everyday carry knife; use as a belt knife or boot knife,...
  • FULL TANG FIXED BLADE KNIFE: Durable satin-polished 5Cr15MoV stainless steel construction handles various work tasks as...

The Instinct fixed blade made by SOG is a straight, compact and ergonomic blade knife that can be carried in multiple ways. It can be clipped to a belt, worn around the neck and yes, attached to boots. The total length of this knife is 5.9 inches, with a blade length of 2.3 inches. The G10 style handle ensures comfort and proper grip when handling the knife.

The hard molded nylon sheath that comes with this knife offers excellent retention with 360-degree multi-carry options. When your sixth sense tells you to get a blade, consider going for this straight Instinct fixed blade.

CRKT Sting Fixed Blade Knife with Sheath: Everyday Carry Boot Knife,...
  • Enhanced Protection: Black coating improves corrosion resistance
  • Useful Utility: Classic blade shape provides proven utility
  • Gear Compatible: Durable glass reinforced nylon sheath with mounting options

This spear point, fixed blade knife is made up of one solid piece of hot drop 1050 carbon steel with a razor sharp dual-edge blade. Unlike knives with single cutting edges, the two cutting edges of the CRKT 2020 Sting provide an extra layer of protection in situations where you are in danger.

The handle is properly shaped to fit your bare hand and maintain a good grip when using the knife. It has thumb dents for improved grip and use. The black coat finish applied on this knife resists rust and corrosion, but also comes in handy in tactical situations – you can easily remove this non-reflective, razor-sharp boot knife from your boot without drawing attention from potential attackers, for example.

GERBER 05803 Guardian Back-Up Knife
  • Rugged and reliable design in all our products
  • Can be used in various military, hunting, survival, tactical, industrial and outdoor situations
  • All products are field tested

This Gerber Guardian Back-Up boot knife is spear point boot knife that is sleek, lightweight and extremely comfortable to wear. The knife is blackened to give it non-reflective, stealthy appearance. This rugged design makes it a suitable pick for self-defense and other tactical situations.

The combined weight of the knife and sheath is light enough to allow an easy carry. However, the spear point tip of the blade can rattle inside the sheath, so you may have to put a small piece of soft cloth in the bottom to sort out the issue. Aside from this minor issue, this decent-quality boot knife is worth every penny you spend buying it.

Schrade SCHF20 8.5in High Carbon S.S. Full Tang Fixed Blade Knife with...
  • DIMENSIONS: 8.5 inch (21.6 cm) overall length with a blade length of 4.4 inches (11.2 cm) and a weight of 5.5 ounces
  • DURABLE: Blade is made of reliable 8Cr13MoV Stonewashed High Carbon Stainless Steel with a black, G-10 handle
  • DEPENDABLE: Quick and easy access with the convenient multi-carry Kydex belt sheath making it ideal for everyday carry

This boot knife makes the perfect weapon for tactical situations. It is made of high carbon stainless steel to ensure strength and durability. It has a dual-edge blade with spear point tip, which makes it ideal for most cutting and piercing tasks.

The black, stonewashed finish of the blade looks pretty nice, but also provides excellent rust and corrosion resistance. Its patterned G10 handle provides a secure and comfortable grip to ensure efficient control of the knife all the time. The sheath that comes with this knife allows multi-carry options.

Get Your Boot Knife Today!

When it comes to self-defense, simply having the best boot knife is not enough. Aside from having the right knife in your boots, make sure you learn how to properly use the weapon.

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