7 Best Ceramic Knives to Slice and Dice

Ceramic knives excel at cutting thin slices. They are a great go-to knife whenever you need to cut with precision. Other common characteristics of ceramic knives are they don’t absorb food elements and don’t rust. Below we have listed the best ceramic knives in 2018 based on quality, safety, and customer ratings.

1. Kyocera Revolution Chef’s Knife

Kyocera Advanced Ceramic Revolution Series 6-inch

As the inventor of ceramic knives, Kyocera has some of the best ceramic knives. The Kycocera Revolution ceramic chef’s knife is great for chopping, dicing, and mincing. Another benefit of this knife is it can cut thin slices of fruit and vegetables with ease. The blade is thin but strong. It’s good for handling boneless meats as well.

This Kyocera Revolution knife is versatile. One can use it at home or professionally and for numerous food prep applications. The lightweight design of this ceramic knife reduces wrist fatigue. It features an ergonomic handle. Cleaning the Kyocera Revolution ceramic chef’s knife is quick and easy too. You can rinse it and dry it off with a towel because the blade doesn’t absorb food elements.

2. Dalstrong Ceramic Chef Knife Infinity Blade

DALSTRONG ceramic knife

The Dalstrong ceramic chef knife infinity blade comes with a PerfectFit BPA sheath and an EdgeLast diamond dust sharpener. It’s one of the best ceramic knives for those who prefer sharpening their knives at home. The Dalstrong ceramic chef knife infinity blade is two times stronger than a steel knife. It glides effortlessly through fruits and vegetables. The ultra thin blade gives you great precision to cut thin slices and dice small pieces. It’s resistant to rust, bacteria, and germs, making the knife safer for food preparation. The knife doesn’t cause browning or leave metallic tastes behind.

Characteristic of ceramic knives, the Dalstrong ceramic chef knife infinity blade doesn’t absorb oils either. Because the ceramic knife comes in professional packaging and includes a sheath and sharpener, it’s great to give as a gift. The blade on this knife is made via Cold Isostatic Pressing (CIP). This blade creating process creates a hard, durable, strong knife. It’s harder and more durable than some competitors. Another standout feature of this ceramic knife is it’s hand polished to a mirror finish perfect edge. According to Dalstrong, the ceramic knife is 30% sharper than that of competitors as a result.

3. Shenzhen Ceramic Chef’s Knife

White Ceramic 6" Chef's Knife

One of the best ceramic knives for budget shoppers is the Shenzhen ceramic chef’s knife. The 6.5 inch knife is lightweight and resistant to rust, oils, acids, and germs. Its resistant to contaminants makes the ceramic chef’s knife easy to clean. The Shenzhen ceramic chef’s knife is designed for precision slicing. It shouldn’t be used for bone, frozen foods, hard foods, hard surfaces, or cheese. The knife can’t be used for striking, carving, or smashing either.

In 2013, Shenzhen updated the Ceramic Chef’s Knife to make it more durable and comfortable. Therefore, you should only consider reviews of the knife written after the upgrade. The blade is made of advanced ceramic called zirconium oxide, a substance harder than steel. It doesn’t need resharpening often. The blade’s sharpness lasts 10-15 times as long as the sharpness of a steel blade. As expected of a ceramic knife, the Shenzhen ceramic chef’s knife slices fruits, vegetables, and boneless meat with ease.

4. IHomeer 8 Inch Ceramic Chef Knife Infinity Blade

iHOMEER 8 Inch, one of the best ceramic knives

One of the best ceramic knives that’s 8 inches is the IHomeer 8 inch ceramic chef knife infinity blade. It is non-toxic, non-pollutant, and nonporous. The ceramic knife doesn’t oxidate, rust, or corrode either. It doesn’t absorb smells from food. A blade made of high precision zirconium oxide, the knife is ultra sharp. It cuts through fruit, vegetable, and meat effortlessly.

The handle is ergonomic, working to protect your wrist. Although it’s a sharp knife, the manufacturer warns against using it for cutting bone, prying, and carving. It’s not safe to use on a stone, marble, or glass board. And the IHomeer 8 inch ceramic chef knife infinity blade must be hand washed with cold water.

5. VOS 6″ Special Chef Edition Ceramic Knife

 6 Inch Special Chef Edition By Vos

The VOS 6″ Special Chef Edition ceramic knife comes in an elegant gift box. It would make a great gift. The knife comes with a sheath to protect the blade and your fingers when reaching for it. Beautifully ground, it has razor sharp precision.

This special chef edition ceramic knife is lightweight yet feels balanced in your hand. You can cut slices so then with this knife that you can see through them. The VOS 6″ Special Chef Edition ceramic knife also has excellent edge retention. According to the seller it’s about 10 times better in edge retention than other professional knives.

6. Shan Zu Ceramic Knife 8″ Black Zirconium Blade

Black Zirconium Blade Black Ergonomic Handle

Featuring a black zirconium blade, the Shan Zu ceramic knife is one of the best ceramic knives. It’s non-toxic, acid-resistant, and acid-resistant. The knife prevents bacteria from growing on the blade. Its razor sharp edge makes the Shan Zu ceramic knife 8″ black zirconium blade perfect for precision slicing and dicing. Made from nonslip material, the handle provides a comfortable, safe grip. This ceramic knife comes with a sheath and a gift box, making it suitable for gift giving.

7. Magitech Ceramic Kitchen Knife with Sheath

6 inch Cutlery Chef Knife with Sheath

A budget ceramic knife with high ratings is the Magitech ceramic kitchen knife with sheath. This knife helps preserve the original color and taste of fruits and vegetables. It preserves the freshness and nutritional ingredient of food as well. The Magitech ceramic kitchen knife with sheath is half the weight of a standard metal knife.

Its lightweight design makes it easy to carry and handle. The Magitech knife is easy to clean as well. All it needs is a rinsing and wipe down because it doesn’t absorb food elements. Downsides of this knife are it can’t be used on a stone cutting board or on frozen food or bones. The Magitech ceramic kitchen knife with sheath can’t be heated or shocked either.

Summing Up

The seven knives listed above are the best ceramic knives in 2018. They are designed to effortlessly slice, dice, and chop fruits and vegetables. When you need precision, none of these ceramic knives will let you down.
Which ceramic knife do you think is the best and why? Let us know in the comments below.