Best Chef's Choice Knife Sharpener

Top 5 Chef’s Choice Knife Sharpeners

A dull knife is a chef’s nightmare. For a dish to look presentable, neat and well-cooked and best to its maximum capability, the cutting should be done to the highest point of precision. Knives tend to dull down and the edges lose their sharpness with the passage of time. To re-sharpen these edges and to bring back the knife’s lost glory a good sharpener is required which performs the work efficiently without harming the knife.

Chef’s Choice is a big, reputable name in the knife sharpener industry. Located at the centre of the beautiful Avondale, PA, EdgeCraft Corporation makes its world famous Chef’s Choice brand of small kitchen electrics, that include the world’s biggest inventory of manual and electric knife sharpeners, electric food slicers, wafflemakers and hot beverage products. Chef’s Choice’s wide range of products are preferred by consumers in more than 70 countries worldwide. The top 5, best Chef’s Choice knife sharpeners are listed below:

  1. Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone Edge Select 120

    It is available with a list price of $150. It has a three stage sharpening process which flips on and off with a switch. The unique trizor plus edge provides with durability and sharpness to its maximum. It has a three years warranty. It works for sharpening of chef, butcher, hunting and pocket knives of all weights and brands.chefs-choice-edge-select-120

  1. Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener 320

    It has a hundred percent diamond honing which has lifetime warranty of and will never distemper. In order to ensure robust and hard-pressed sharpened edges a two stage sharpener has been installed in this electric sharpener.It can be used to razor edge all quality knives. The precision of sharpening is almost one hundred percent as it is aided by a built in elastomeric spring guide which holds blade at the appropriate angle. The price of this sharpener is $130.You can also read our detailed review of Chef’s Choice 320 Diamond Hone knife sharpener.chefs-choice-edge-select-320

  1. Chef’s Choice Hybrid Diamond Hone Knife Sharpener 220

    It combines a manual and an electric sharpener for generating razor sharp ends. It can be used to sharpen all quality knives both straight and ragged edged. The electric stage is to sharpen the knives whereas the manual is to polish them. The hundred percent diamond abrasive wheels are used in both the stages. It is fast and easy to use. It has a list price of $55 and comes with a one year warranty.chefs-choice-220

  1. Chef’s Choice Pronto Pro Angle Select Diamond Hone Manual Sharpener 4643

    It is a three stage manual sharpener available for $70. It can be used for kitchen, pocket and sports knives. The three stages use hundred percent abrasive diamonds. The first two steps sharpen the edges while the third refines the blade. It is compact, lightweight, and easy to use; with a secure handle that ensure firm grip.chefs-choice-manual-4643

  2. Chef’s Choice Diamond Hone Hybrid Knife Sharpener 250

    It has one year warranty and is available with a list price of $65. As per hybrid technology it combines both manual and electric steps for sharpening the knife. The first two stages use electricity for sharpening the knife. Manual power is than required in the third stage to hone the knife to perfection; ultra-thin diamond abrasives assist the physical power in order to achieve the best possible results. Jagged and straight both edges can be sharpened and honed. Sports, hunting, kitchen, pocket and butcher knives can be re sharpened to apt using this gadget.chefs-choice-250


If you are already decided about going with Chef’s Choice for your next knife sharpener, I hope this guide helped you choosing one among the very best knife sharpeners ever made by Chef’s Choice according to your own specific needs. If you have anything in mind, or if you know of an even better Chef’s Choice knife sharpener that we didn’t list in this round-up, feel free to leave a comment below.