The 5 Best Throwing Knives And Their Key Features

The best throwing knives on the market depend highly on personal preference. With current trends leaning toward colored knives that look fancier and knives with no real handle for better concealment, finding a perfect black knife may be a bit more difficult than in the past. In this article we’ll go over the best of the most popular throwing knife categories, even outlining their strengths and weaknesses for you.

What Is a Throwing Knife?

Throwing knives are compact knives designed to flip end over end and bury themselves in their targets. They were some of the first projectile weapons used, along with axes and arrows, and they are incredibly effective. From small animal hunting to self-protection, or even simple sporting competitions, throwing knives are seeing a distinct rise in popularity.

Learning to throw is simple with the best throwing knives in the market on your belt, and most of these are very budget friendly for those who are just getting their feet wet in knives.

Best Throwing Knives – Top 5 Picks

Best Kunai: Perfect Point PP-060-9

Perfect Point PP-060-9, one of the best throwing knives

The Perfect Point PP-060-9 is a set of 9 well-balanced kunai style knives. A kunai is a Japanese style throwing knife, made in the shape of a small shovel or trowel. True kunais will always have a loop at the end of the handle, with non-Japanese kunai usually having a small pommel instead of a ring.

This set holds it’s edge and point well even after multiple heavy wood target throws.

Length: 6.25″
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Black
Set and Number: Yes. 9 knives are included in this set.
Wrapping and Color: Yes. Red cord is wrapped around each individual knife to give the thrower a better grip.

Best Black: SOG Throwing Knives F041TN-CP

SOG Throwing Knives

SOG has been the go-to for “tactical” appearance knives for a long time. These knives look like they’ve fallen out of an action hero flick and are sharpened right out of the box. The holes in the handle help to absorb shock from target throwing, giving them a bit more life than some other brands. They also come with a limited lifetime warranty. If not abused, SOG is usually willing to abide by the warranty and replace blades that have warped or broken through normal use. SOG makes some of the best throwing knives on the market, and with their warranty, there’s little reason not to give them a try.

Length: 6″
Material: 420 Stainless Steel
Color: Black
Set and Number: Yes. Three in a set. Comes with 3-slot belt pouch.
Wrapping and Color: Yes. Black paracord is wrapped around the hilt of each knife.

Best Colored: Perfect Point Colored Set

Perfect Point Colored Set

This set looks like a rainbow hit it head on! Perfect for bright demonstrations or eye-catching competition work. Of the best throwing knives mentioned here, these are the only ones that have such an array of colors. Best of all, the colors are heat treated onto the knives for less fading even under heavy use.

Length: 6.5″
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Each one is a different color. Colors included with the set are yellow, orange, blue, green, pink and the ever popular black.
Set and Number: Yes. Set contains six, one of each color.
Wrapping and Color: Yes. These handles are wrapped with nylon in the same color as the blade, allowing wrapping and blade to match stylishly.

Best Balance: SOG FX41N-CP Fling Throwing Knife

SOG FX41N-CP Fling Throwing Knife

A well-balanced blade can mean the difference between hitting your target and simply smacking the flat of a blade against a chunk of wood. Let’s be honest: misthrows are embarrassing, especially for those who are well practiced and looking to show off a little. Even worse, if being used for self-defense, a misthrow can be downright harmful.

The FX41N-CP fling knife is a “semi-handleless” blade, meaning that the blade is actually part of the area you hold on to when throwing it. While technically a handle, this is by virtue alone. This helps its balance since newer knife throwers don’t have to compensate for a true handle’s heavier weight. This is also the smallest of our picks today and thus easier to conceal for personal use.

Length: 5″
Material: Carbon Steel
Color: Silver/Metallic
Set and Number: Yes. This is a three pack that comes complete with a small belt loop wallet for all three blades.
Wrapping and Color: Yes. The wrapping on this is tan and green, especially pretty for those who enjoy camo type coloring.

Best Handleless: Smith and Wesson SWTK8CP

Smith and Wesson SWTK8CP

Smith and Wesson is far better known for guns than their blade line, but that doesn’t mean that they make a lesser product. In fact, these little Smith and Wesson blades made it into our best throwing knives list.

As with all throwing knives, these technically have a handle. You can’t throw a blade unless it has something not sharpened to hold on to, you’d cut yourself. This is simply a slice of metal that’s been shaped with a sharp end and a flat end. A flat-ended piece of metal does not make a handle, thus making this “handleless”. Handleless blades are often easier for beginners to throw since each side of the blade weighs the same and they don’t have to compensate for plastic or resin handles.

Length: a whopping 8″. These are very large knives.
Material: Stainless Steel
Color: Silver
Set and Number: This is indeed a set, but they can be purchased individually through Smith and Wesson’s site. This set contains six, pre-sharpened knives.
Wrapping and Color: No. There is no wrapping on these, making them truly handleless.

It must be noted that the best throwing knives on the market, even ones not included on this list, will take an edge and keep it. Never throw a knife by the blade, even in a quick situation. The knives listed in this best throwing knives list can injure you if mistreated. Stay safe.

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