7 Best Pocket Knives Under $100 You Can Find Today

Pocket knives provide the utility of a larger general knife in a convenient folding frame, and many users and enthusiasts typically have “everyday carry” favorites that work great for a variety of tasks. With the modern era of pocket knives, we’ve seen new materials and innovations that

8 Best Assisted Opening Knives in 2017

Assisted opening knives can be used for self-defense, rescue, camping, and tactical purposes. While shopping for an assisted opening knife, you should consider blade material, durability, ease of opening, and safety. These are some of the most important factors in an assisted opening knife. You wouldn’t want

7 Best Ceramic Knives to Slice and Dice

Ceramic knives excel at cutting thin slices. They are a great go-to knife whenever you need to cut with precision. Other common characteristics of ceramic knives are they don’t absorb food elements and don’t rust. Below we have listed the best ceramic knives in 2017 based on

Top 7 Best Flipper Knives for Any Budget

Flipper knives, also known as flippers, just like folding knives, offer a safe and convenient way to carry your sharp everyday carry knife on your persons by enabling the blade to fold safely into the frame; however, they also include a flipper lever for fast opening, and

7 Best Folding Knives for Everyday Use

You know the best folding knives are durable and easy to use. You want something that will work for everyday use. This article will cover the top seven best folding knives. We’ll also include technical characteristics that are unique to each knife. By the end, you’ll have

7 Best Cooking Knives You Need in Your Kitchen

When slicing and dicing in the kitchen, you need a versatile knife. Whether you are preparing ingredients for a dinner party of whipping up a quick meal for lunch, you will need a quality knife to save time. The best cooking knives should be sharp, comfortable to

9 Best Brands of Kitchen Knives and What They Offer

Quality kitchen knives are a must for the home chef, as they not only provide a beautiful addition to your dream kitchen, but they also make chopping, cutting, boning, and paring easier. There are a wide range of quality kitchen knives available, which can make finding the

10 Best Damascus Knives: Strength Meets Beauty

Damascus knives are a type of blade manufactured with Damascus steel. Named after the capital city of Syria, Damascus knives are made with distinctive patterns that mimic the appearance of flowing water. These pattern-welded knives are highly desirable simply because of their strength and beauty. There are

Best Military Knives for Close Combat Fighting

When it comes to close combat fighting, the one thing that can quickly turn the fight in your favor is a knife. Finding the right one is a  though task, as there are dozens of military knives on the market, many of them serving different purposes. Some

5 of the Best Japanese Chef Knives in the World

Deciding on a new knife purchase is often one of the hardest decisions professional chefs and cooking aficionados have to make. There are many factors to consider like cutting ability, overall price, blade lifespan, and more. One type of blade style many professional chefs regularly use is