7 Best Carbon Steel Knives to Use in the Kitchen

Many chefs around the world choose carbon steel knives because they are sharper than stainless steel knives. They are easier to sharpen as well. You can find a good carbon steel knife for use in the kitchen at an affordable price. All of the knives on this

7 Best Utility Knives to Buy in 2018

Utility knives are great for general purposes due to their small size. Although people most commonly know them for cutting boxes, they have many other uses. A utility knife can be sharp enough to cut through wood, drywall, and other materials. We think everyone should have a

7 Best Fillet Knives for Slicing Fish Like a Pro

People often want to know the secrets of an expert chef. It’s often hard to determine just what makes the difference between a good and great meal. But many chefs find that it’s all down to the cut of a knife. In the following article we’ll examine

4 Best Ways to Sharpen Knives like a Pro

Among the oldest tools of humankind, knives have many and diverse uses. From chopping and whittling wood to mincing and dicing vegetables to performing intricate surgery, knives are indeed indispensible. Yet, as with any material, blades wear down and get dull. Their edges broaden and lose their

8 Best Automatic Knives to Buy in 2018

Automatic knives, as the name suggests, are those you can open from a closed position merely by pushing a button. While manual knives require external forces to open, automatic knives use internal spring mechanisms to achieve the same effect. Auto knives have many practical applications, and most

7 Best EDC Knives Under $100

There are many convenient benefits of investing in an EDC knife EDC knife. From prying windows open and cutting stray threads from shirts to opening packages more easily, there is plenty an EDC knife can help with. The good news is that you can accrue all of

7 Best Bushcraft Knives to Use In 2018

Bushcraft knives are widely known for cutting wood and other basic survival tactics in the wilderness like skinning game. The best bushcraft knives have short edges, which differentiate them from survival knives and make them easy to handle. Great bushcraft knives are a plus when going out

7 Best Pocket Knives Under $100 You Can Find Today

Pocket knives provide the utility of a larger general knife in a convenient folding frame, and many users and enthusiasts typically have “everyday carry” favorites that work great for a variety of tasks. With the modern era of pocket knives, we’ve seen new materials and innovations that

8 Best Assisted Opening Knives in 2018

Assisted opening knives can be used for self-defense, rescue, camping, and tactical purposes. While shopping for an assisted opening knife, you should consider blade material, durability, ease of opening, and safety. These are some of the most important factors in an assisted opening knife. You wouldn’t want