9 Best Brands of Kitchen Knives and What They Offer

Quality kitchen knives are a must for the home chef, as they not only provide a beautiful addition to your dream kitchen, but they also make chopping, cutting, boning, and paring easier. There are a wide range of quality kitchen knives available, which can make finding the

10 Best Damascus Knives: Strength Meets Beauty

Damascus knives are a type of blade manufactured with Damascus steel. Named after the capital city of Syria, Damascus knives are made with distinctive patterns that mimic the appearance of flowing water. These pattern-welded knives are highly desirable simply because of their strength and beauty. There are

Best Military Knives for Close Combat Fighting

When it comes to close combat fighting, the one thing that can quickly turn the fight in your favor is a knife. Finding the right one is a  though task, as there are dozens of military knives on the market, many of them serving different purposes. Some

5 of the Best Japanese Chef Knives in the World

Deciding on a new knife purchase is often one of the hardest decisions professional chefs and cooking aficionados have to make. There are many factors to consider like cutting ability, overall price, blade lifespan, and more. One type of blade style many professional chefs regularly use is

Top 7 Cheese Knives and How to Use Them

The problem with cutting cheese with a standard kitchen knife is the cheese sticks to the knife. Or the knife doesn’t slice through evenly. Many people have trouble cutting cheeses with standard knives. This is why cheese knives were developed and are needed if you buy blocks

The Best Professional Butcher Knives You Need to Own

A knife that isn’t sharp enough to smoothly cut through meat is more than a frustration. Butchers and chefs rely on a quality knife to keep up with orders, making sharpness a necessity. Professional butcher knives can be used for preparing meat with ease at home too.

5 of the Best Zero Tolerance Knives

When you’re looking for an EDC whether in emergency cases or just for your day-to-day, zero tolerance knives (ZT) are the go-to options. They’re designed for use in various situations, especially tactical or combat ones. In this guide, you’ll discover a bit more about ZT knives in

Top 3 Rada Knives: Best Value for Money

Said to be the best knife in the world, Rada Cutlery more than exceeds their reputation of exceptional cutlery with optimum value. Their knives and other kitchen items are 100% American made from raw materials to the final construction. What is more, since their launch in 1948,

Best Steak Knives that Cut Through the Toughest Meat

Have you ever used a dull steak knife? Instead of effortlessly slicing through meat, it feels a bit like sawing wood If you’re looking for the best steak knives that cut through the toughest meat, you’re looking for a comfortable, sturdy, balanced and sharp cutting tool. A

Top 5 Kramer Knives and Why They’re Worth It

Kramer knives are one of the top kitchen and chef knives available. These knives are often handmade with great care to deliver the best product possible. Bob Kramer, the designer of the knives, who is a certified Master Bladesmith in the United States, constantly strives for excellence