Overview of the Best Wusthof Knives on the Market

German made Wusthof knives are widely considered to be some of the world’s best cutlery. Sold in a number of stores as some of the best kitchen equipment, they will last you a lifetime. In fact, Wusthof offers a lifetime warranty on all of their knives, from

Top 5 Calphalon Knives: Finding the Perfect One

Calphalon knives are one of the best steps into a good kitchen knife for beginners, home cooks, and those on a budget. These Calphalon knives are well made and will hold a good edge for some time. Certainly, these are a step up from the cheap knives

Top 5 Shun Knives and Why Buy Them

Shun knives have a long history and an even longer reputation for being one of the best mid-level knives on the market. However, for those who are jumping into the kitchen knife market unprepared, they may be in for a little bit of sticker shock. Yes, these

Rundown of the Best 3 Butterfly Knives You Can Find

Butterfly knives are cutlery that incorporates unique designs and technology. They are generally used as everyday tools, protective devices, collector’s items and entertainment accessories. Many are also used in the artistic skills of knife flipping, fanning, and other maneuvers. Looking at different kinds of butterfly knives that

Best Fixed Blade Knives Available on the Market

Fixed blade knives are a category of knives that do not retract into the handle or detach from it any shape or form other than complete disassembly. Almost all of these knives are either hunting knives or are used in combative situations. There are so many different

Bowie Knife – Origins and Top 5 Best Knives

The Bowie knife is an iconic blade that has been around since the mid-1800s. It is a large, fixed-blade knife that is usually carried in a sheath. Bowie knives generally have a cross-guard and a clip-point blade. This knife was originally designed as a fighting blade but has

The Best Electric Carving Knife To Ease Your Efforts

An electric carving knife is a lifesaver when it comes time to slice meat, melons, and even foam for projects. With so many on the market, however, it can be challenging knowing which one to buy. That’s why we’ve made this list compiling the best electric carving

The 5 Best Throwing Knives And Their Key Features

The best throwing knives on the market depend highly on personal preference. With current trends leaning toward colored knives that look fancier and knives with no real handle for better concealment, finding a perfect black knife may be a bit more difficult than in the past. In

What Is a Skinning Knife? Overview + Top 4 Picks

A good skinning knife has the potential to be a hunter, homesteader or butcher’s best friend or worst enemy. Using something too large makes skinning an animal a nightmare, and using a knife too small just as much of a pain. Even skinners who are used to

Top 3 Picks For Best Chef Knife

Whether you are a seasoned chef or simply aspire to culinary greatness, you know your knife is your most important tool. The best knife for you depends entirely on your culinary goals. Perhaps you are at the very beginning of your culinary journey. Maybe you have gained