Spyderco Tenacious Knife Review

In today’s world, many people don’t carry pocket knives or folding knives. At one time, though, absolutely everyone carried a handy knife on them. Carry-able knives often get a bad rep since many people assume they are carried with the intention of harming others. However, that is not

Knife Steel Comparison Chart: from Stainless to AUS

 So, in our blogs about paring knives and kitchen knife set, we talk a lot about steel ratings, knife strength, flexibility, and toughness. We never really go into the science or history behind those terms. Before discussing a knife steel chart, we first need to consider the

Chicago Cutlery Reviews: Comparing the Best Knife Sets

Ahh, Chicago. “City of the Big Shoulders... Hog Butcher for the World.” After more than a century is Carl Sandburg’s assessment of the city still accurate? Quite frankly, we don’t know, but you would have to figure there are at least some great knives sets in town.Sandburg

Best Paring Knife: Buyer’s Guide for Best Paring Knives

If you count yourself among those who are upright and facing the right way, then you can identify a paring knife from the knife stock in your own kitchen.  But do you know the backstory of the paring? The humble paring knife did not start out as a

Best Machete: Buyer’s Guide for the Best Machetes

The matches or “Machete,” in Spanish and from the root “macho,” or hammer in English. It is a straight and thin clever-like knife or sword used for hacking down dense vegetation. Such is prone to occur in tropical climates. It is where you don’t want creepy, poisonous

9 Best Knives for Self Defense with Fixed and Folding Blade

Self defense knives come in both fixed and folding blade types. They vary in size from small to large as well. Many people like to keep a self defense knife with them to help defend their self defense gun. Others rely on a knife for protection because

9 Best Tactical Folding Knives to Buy

A tactical knife has one or more military features that makes it suitable for use in emergency situations. Tactical folding knives are good for self defense and rescue. In general, they’re easier to carry with you than knives with fixed blades. Below we have listed nine of

Reviewing the 7 Best Laguiole Steak Knives

The Laguiole style of knife refers to a French style of tapered, serrated knives. The best Laguiole steak knives sport a slim outline that resembles a pocket-knife style with a blade that usually runs about 12 cm long and a steel back-spring. When searching for the perfect

7 Best Carbon Steel Knives to Use in the Kitchen

Many chefs around the world choose carbon steel knives because they are sharper than stainless steel knives. They are easier to sharpen as well. You can find a good carbon steel knife for use in the kitchen at an affordable price. All of the knives on this