Rundown of the Best 3 Butterfly Knives You Can Find

Butterfly knives are cutlery that incorporates unique designs and technology. They are generally used as everyday tools, protective devices, collector’s items and entertainment accessories. Many are also used in the artistic skills of knife flipping, fanning, and other maneuvers.

Looking at different kinds of butterfly knives that have distinctive features and custom designs is a good way to determine which ones are the best for practical everyday use, as well as for defense, recreational related activities and entertainment pursuits.

What Is a Butterfly Knife?

Butterfly knives are folding pocket knives with distinct characteristics that differentiate them from other knives. Rather than one main handle, butterfly knives have two handles that counter-rotate around a tang, a device that connects the blade to the handle. When a butterfly knife is closed, the blade is concealed inside grooves in the handles. In spite of the sharp blades being concealed, there are blunt versions of butterfly knives that are called “trainers,” which are used to avoid injury or harm with the¬†initial use of a knife or in practice sessions with various knife movements.

There are two types of fabrication with butterfly knives that include channel and sandwich styles. Channel construction is strong and enduring as the handle is made with one piece. The knife blade rests in a groove or channel when it is not in use. In contrast, the sandwich style is a more common and less expensive design as the knife is assembled from different pieces and layered. The knife is either screwed or pinned to hold it together.

Historically, the origin of butterfly knives is oftentimes associated with the Philippines because of the knives produced there in the 1900s, which were called balisong knives; however, the French claim to have produced the original design. Apparently an early 1700s French book, “Le Perret,” shows evidence of a balisong sketch, which clearly indicates that the knife probably came about in France in the late 1600s as opposed to the later dates in the Philippines. From France, the design likely moved throughout Europe and beyond, so there are still claims today as to the exact history of the knife.

There are several other names given to butterfly knives, such as fan, balisong and one other, Batangas. This particular one is associated with the Tagalog province of Batangas in the Philippines, where the knives are made. Besides Tagalog province, butterfly knives are manufactured throughout the world under a number of names as well as in the United States. In fact, Balisong USA initiated manufacturing in the late seventies and subsequently changed their name to Pacific Cutlery in the eighties, and later became Benchmade. Remington, Bear OPS, and Bear&Sons are a few other companies that manufacture butterfly knives in the United States.

Thousands of balisongs have come into America over the last thirty years from numerous countries, mainly the Philippines, Japan, China, and Korea. Japan’s skilled metalsmiths in Seki City produced balisongs for cutlery companies such as Taylor, Parker, Valor, and Frost. Guttman Cutlery in the Philippines produced high-quality balisongs and advertised sandwich style balisongs as originals as they contained a variety of high-quality materials and carbon steel blades.

In looking at the best butterfly knives available, there are characteristics and custom features that should be investigated before purchasing a butterfly knife. Anyone interested in quality butterfly knives should know ahead of time what knives speak to quality and superior design.

Top 3 Butterfly Knives

1. Benchmade Model 63 Butterfly Knife

Benchmade model 63 butterfly knife

Model 63 is an extremely well-constructed knife with a fine edge that holds well. The pins, screws and latch pin are tight and remain that way throughout use. The handles are made using sandwich construction so each handle is made from two separate pieces of machined stainless steel. The model features two different finishes, a Bowie Style Clip point blade design, and a D2 blade that is composed of industrial high carbon tool steel.

Though expensive, the knife is great for everyday carry and is just as adaptable for throwing and other entertainment activities. The knives are slightly heavier than previous models and do not a pocket clip. Benchmade does manually check every stage of the hand assembly process to assure quality control and high standards across the board.


  • Overall Length: 9.20″.
  • Blade Length: 4.25″.
  • Cutting Edge: Flat.
  • Blade Thickness: 0.125″.
  • Blade Material: D2/stainless steel.
  • Blade Style: clip point blade.
  • Blade Grind: Flat.
  • Finish: Polished Silver/Matte Gray Finish.
  • Edge Type: Plain.

2. Bear Ops Bear-Song 500

Bear Ops Bear-Song 500 butterfly knife

The Bear Ops Bear-Song 500 is a high-quality butterfly knife with a sandwich style. Both handles are made from machined, T6 aluminum (aircraft grade), which has a black matte finish that matches the blade, along with stainless steel spacers and a latch that is bidirectional. The blade is able to swivel on multi-surface bronze washers that provide for a smooth opening, which is all held in place by tang pins that attach to the handles.

The blade is high carbon steel with a fine grain that also allows for a fine edge, yet it remains strong and stable in use. This particular style knife is often used for military and tactical use, so it gets hard use, and in order to maintain its durability, the knife does necessitate either application of a coating that prevents corrosion or extra care by the user to offset corrosion. This model is ideal for everyday carry use as well as for field use and is less expensive than other models.


  • Overall Length: 9.75″.
  • Blade Length: 4.375″.
  • Cutting Edge: 3.75″.
  • Blade Thickness: 0.14″.
  • Blade Material: 1095 carbon steel.
  • Blade Style: Dagger.
  • Blade Grind: Flat.
  • Finish: Black.
  • Edge Type: Plain.

3. Remington Damascus Tanto Butterfly Knife

Remington Damascus Tanto Butterfly KnifeRemington Damascus Tanto Butterfly Knife

Remington prides itself in its design expertise with its line of butterfly knives, and the Damascus Tanto is no exception. The knife is especially attractive as well as perfect for everyday use, and is moderately priced. It is highly functional and stable with a single edged plain 1095 steel dagger blade. The handle latch is bi-directional for easy opening and closing, and skeleton-like aluminum handles help to reduce the overall weight of the knife as a machined aluminum process facilitates a lighter result and an easier flip.

The model has both a black coated blade and black aluminum handle. The steel used in the knife blade is what sets it apart from others as Damascus steel is a laminated steel of both soft and hard carbon, which is folded and forged repeatedly until multiple layers are formed, which results in a tough blade but one with a fine edge that holds well.


  • Overall Length: 9.00″.
  • Blade Length: 4.00″.
  • Cutting Edge: 3.25″.
  • Blade Thickness: .10.
  • Blade Material: Damascus.
  • Blade Style: Tanto.
  • Blade Grind: Flat.
  • Finish: Gray.
  • Edge Type: Plain.

The butterfly or balisong knives reviewed here are varied yet are a few of the best for collectors, and those looking for security, recreation, entertainment, and performance. They are made with quality in mind and are developed through well-known companies that use the latest in blade making technology to fabricate strong yet fine edged knives that serve a number of purposes. Think quality, dependability, and durability before anything else. Whether for collection or other uses, do make sure that this type of knife is legal to possess and carry in the area or state where you live.