7 Best Carbon Steel Knives to Use in the Kitchen

UGYMER Chef Knife, AUGYMER 8 Inch Professional Chefs Knife

Many chefs around the world choose carbon steel knives because they are sharper than stainless steel knives. They are easier to sharpen as well. You can find a good carbon steel knife for use in the kitchen at an affordable price. All of the knives on this list, except for one, are under $50. We … Read more

Kamikoto Knife Review: A Cut Above the Rest

kamikoto cleaver review

This Kamikoto knife review highlights one of the finest knives out there. Japanese knives have rightly admired the world over for their keen cuts, the way they hold an edge, their strength, and even their styling. For this Kamikoto knife review, we decided to see how this knife performed and how it compared to other … Read more

Mercer Knives Review: Best Professional Sets Of Kitchen Knives

Mercer knives review

When it comes to quality brands in the culinary knives industry, Mercer often comes to mind. Mercer Culinary has earned the respect of the cutlery industry and have been around for more than 30 years. Their knowledge and experience has allowed the brand to create some of the finest kitchen knives and sets currently available.  More … Read more

Calphalon Self-Sharpening Knives Review

calphalon self sharpening knives review

Calphalon is a well-known brand in the “knife world.” The company makes a wide range of various self-sharpening knives and knife sets. These knives are primarily used for cooking and kitchen use but can be used for other purposes as well. If you are trying to find the best set of knives for your home, one of … Read more

Best Japanese Knives: Buyer’s Guide for the Best Japanese Knife

best japanese knives - Set of japanese knives

Whether you’ve had the life-long dream of becoming the world’s greatest chef or just want to know your way around the kitchen, knowing the difference between a quality knife, and a crappy one can make all the difference in your success. Because of the importance of quality of knives, we’ve pulled together some information on Japanese … Read more

Best Sharpening Stones: Buyer’s Guide to the Best Sharpening Stones

best shapening stone

Knives have many uses. Two of the most obvious activities in which knives are used frequently are cooking and hunting. Chefs who want to be taken seriously (and who take themselves seriously) always have their favorite knife at the ready. These professionals understand that to show up without their knife is to show up unprepared and naked. … Read more

5 of the Best Japanese Chef Knives in the World

Dalstrong Chef’s Knife set

Deciding on a new knife purchase is often one of the hardest decisions professional chefs and cooking aficionados have to make. There are many factors to consider like cutting ability, overall price, blade lifespan, and more. One type of blade style many professional chefs regularly use is Japanese chef knives. This article is going to … Read more

Top 5 Kramer Knives and Why They’re Worth It

Kramer 10" Stainless Damascus Chef's Knife

Kramer knives are one of the top kitchen and chef knives available. These knives are often handmade with great care to deliver the best product possible. Bob Kramer, the designer of the knives, who is a certified Master Bladesmith in the United States, constantly strives for excellence in his products. He auctions his newest knives … Read more

Top 5 Shun Knives and Why Buy Them

Shun DM0706 Classic 8-Inch Chef's Knife

Shun knives have a long history and an even longer reputation for being one of the best mid-level knives on the market. However, for those who are jumping into the kitchen knife market unprepared, they may be in for a little bit of sticker shock. Yes, these knives are high dollar but they’re also incredibly … Read more

Top 3 Picks For Best Chef Knife

Kamikoto 7 inch Santoku

Whether you are a seasoned chef or simply aspire to culinary greatness, you know your knife is your most important tool. The best knife for you depends entirely on your culinary goals. Perhaps you are at the very beginning of your culinary journey. Maybe you have gained experience and are ready to take it to … Read more