How to Throw A Throwing Knife

how to throw a knife board

Knife throwing is a long-held tradition to show your skill and to prove your “manliness”. Now knife throwing can be done by anyone, male or female, young and old. The history of knife throwing goes as far back as prehistoric times when hunters of the past would throw hunting sticks to catch prey, such as birds … Read more

Best Leatherman Knife: Buyer’s Guide for the Best Leatherman

Best Leatherman

Leatherman knives are super high quality knives that are designed for a wide range of different purposes. This company has been making knives since 1983 and sells knives for every purpose imaginable. In addition to knives, the company also deals in pocket tools and multi-tools. All of the products from Leatherman, knives or not, are designed … Read more

10 Best Tactical Folding Knives to Buy

best folding knife for self-defense

A tactical knife has one or more military features that makes it suitable for use in emergency situations. Tactical folding knives are good for self defence and rescue. In general, they’re easier to carry with you than knives with fixed blades. Below we have listed nine of the best tactical folding knives to buy this … Read more

Best Military Knives for Close Combat Fighting

KA-BAR BK7 Becker Combat Utility Knife

When it comes to close combat fighting, the one thing that can quickly turn the fight in your favor is a knife. Finding the right one is a  though task, as there are dozens of military knives on the market, many of them serving different purposes. Some are strictly combat-focused, while others are more survival-based, … Read more