What Is A Santoku Knife? The Roots Of This Japanese Kitchen Tool

chopping board with a knife along with chopped vegetables

If you’re in the market for high-quality kitchen utensils, your knife choice is a great place to start. Maybe you’ve been searching but don’t have a clear understanding of what makes one knife different from another. Or maybe if after watching Rachel Ray’s cooking show you were still left asking yourself, “what is a Santoku … Read more

Buyer’s Guide For Best Boning Knife: Features, Price, And Rating

Best boning knife

Those who cook regularly at home or are professionals in the restaurant business need a good boning knife, they are indispensable. There are many different types of boning knives available on the marketplace today, but there’s no argument that anyone who cooks seriously needs one. After reviewing and reading up on them, we wrote a little … Read more

Best Carving Knife: Buyer’s Guide For The Best Carving Knives

Best carving knife

Experienced Wood Carvers or those who are interested in getting started with the craft often want to know what the best carving knife is for their projects. To find the right tool for the job, you need to gather as much information about wood carving knives as you can.  Enhancing your knowledge on the subject will … Read more

The Best Backpacking Knife Buyer’s Guide: Reliable Sharp Knife On-Hand

Best backpacking knife

Anyone who spends time in the great outdoors can find a use for a backpacking knife. These knives, which can include your basic pocket knife or a fixed-blade knife, will often have features that make them a lifesaving tool both in the woods or while off the hiking trails.   If you plan to spend any time … Read more