Fallkniven a1 Reviews

For any task, you need the right tools. This is no less the case when the tool in question is a knife. With a good knife, you can cut wood to make a shelter or fuel a fire, prepare food, skin game, signal for help, and even defend yourself against wild animals. A bad knife, … Read more

Winchester Pocket Knife Review: What’s in a Name?

The Winchester pocket knife, and other knives like it, are great to have. They can be extremely useful both inside and outside of your house for various tasks. Finding a really good pocket knife is essential, however. Back in 1919, a Winchester pocket knife represented true craftsmanship. However, the name Winchester was then and is still synonymous with firearms. … Read more

Benchmade Knives: Are These the Best Outdoor Knives of 2022?

Benchmade knives are well known in the survival knife industry. These are knives that you can use outdoors in any type of challenging situation, natural or man-made. The company has been making knives for over three decades as Bali-Song and Pacific Cutlery Corp before they became Benchmade Knife Company. They are partners with organizations such as the American Knife and … Read more

The Best Electric Knife of 2022 is Finally Revealed

Ever since people have been using electricity to power their civilization, they’ve been trying to find easier ways to do things. The best electric knife you can buy today is a result of that quest for ultimate comfort. Think about how an electric-powered knife is the pinnacle of blade development which started when our ancestors … Read more