Best Chef Knives In The Market

Tired of using knives that can’t even cut through limes? Do you feel frustrated when your carefully sliced ginger turns out still stuck together? If yes, chances are you have a dull and (to put it bluntly) worthless knife. In the following guide, we tell you about 10 chef knives that are guaranteed to transform … Read more

Best Steak Knives In The Market

What does it take to construct the perfect steak knife? Is it perfectly forged stainless steel blades or an ergonomically designed handle? Unsurprisingly, it takes both of these qualities combined and more. Lucky for you, you don’t have to try out every steak knife on a slab of meat to find the ultimate cutting tool. In the … Read more

Best Folding Knife: Ultimate Guide

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The 2022 Guide to the Best Kershaw Pocket Knife

The pocket knife is arguably the most versatile knife ever invented by man. Since the 70s, when the Kershaw brand began manufacturing knife essentials as well as their famous Kershaw pocket knife, there has been no turning back for this leading survival knife manufacturer. Their pocket knives are hardworking, sturdy, and durable. Interestingly, Masaharu Morimoto, a world-famous Japanese chef, once … Read more

The Best Bushcraft Knife For Your Adventures in 2022

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Best Pocket Knife: Our Top 10 Product Picks

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The Best Knife Set to Buy for Your Kitchen

Having the sayings of Masaharu Morimoto to guide you in the kitchen can help you churn out exquisite dishes. From telling you that cooking doesn’t have to have rules and you can just do what you want to when cooking to the more direct “a kitchen without a knife is not a kitchen,” this celebrity chef reaches … Read more

Best Tactical Knife Review

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