Best Fixed Blade Knives Available on the Market

Fixed blade knives are a category of knives that do not retract into the handle or detach from it any shape or form other than complete disassembly. Almost all of these knives are either hunting knives or are used in combative situations. There are so many different styles we’ve divided them up based on some of the most popular categories across the board.

Top 6 Fixed Blade Knives 

Best Pick of Short Fixed Blade Knives

MTech USA MT-20-30, one of the best fixed blade knives with a short blade

The MTech USA MT-20-30 is one of two MTech blades that made our cut. Not only are MTech blades made out of excellent 440 stainless steel, they are also heat hardened to retain a better edge for much longer.

Easily hidden due to its night black coloring, this little knife is an excellent addition to any personal protection or utility collection. It also usually includes a belt loop sheath for easy carrying.

It also comes at a budget price, which is excellent for those needing an assortment of knives on standby. This little knife will do it all for you, all while maintaining a low-key appearance and remaining easily within the bounds of most US states’ blade carrying laws.

Best Pick of Medium Length Fixed Blade Knives

Gerber StrongArm fixed blade knife

Gerber is a well-known brand of many blades, multi-tools and an assortment of other gadgets that keep their customers coming back for more. The Gerber StrongArm knife is no exception. Though it does push the limits of “medium sized” the actual blade of around 7 inches falls within those confines.

This knife comes in both black and a sort of creamy brown gray called Coyote by Gerber. Though black will forever be all the rage with tactical equipment of any kind, it’s nice to have some color options for other situations. Black does tend to stand out against certain types of camo, after all.

A single drawback is that the handle is glass-filled rather than the metal extending into the handle to fill it from the blade itself. While acceptable, this does occasionally cause some handle warping issues over time. This is a knife best used in cooler weather, though it should stand up well to large amounts of pressure.

Best Pick of Long Length Fixed Blade Knives

MTech USA MT-086 knife and sheath

The MTech USA MT-086 is the big brother of the blade we earlier reviewed as the best small fixed blade. Made of the same 440 stainless steel, but coated in black all the way across. This knife is very nearly inflexible, holding up well to the test of time. Though cutting of things harder than meat should not be done with the point since it may chip the paint to the point of disrepair.

It cannot be over stated just how large this knife is. Including the handle it is a whopping foot long, making it a difficult choice to carry around unless in hunting gear. It does come with a sheath situated for belt loops, but it may be rather large for that. However, it will strap easily to your camp kit or hunting pack.

The serrated edge makes it an excellent bi-use weapon and sawing tool. Again, perfect for camping or skinning out your hunts, this long knife probably won’t escape notice from the locals on a jog or around at the mall. But it fits right in out in the woods.

Best Pick of Flat Fixed Blade Knives: Buck Knives 160SSS Smidgen

Buck Knives 160SSS Smidgen

Strangely enough, Buck Knives brings us our best flat blade. Buck Knives are well known for being excellent hunting knife makers, but the 160SSS Smidgen, a new foray into the flat, fixed blade world is curious. Curious, but exciting!

This tiny knife is ideal for self-defense, cutting, or throwing as necessary since it is very well balanced. It comes with a very slender sheath that can be easily concealed or tossed in a purse for easier carrying. Though it must be noted that every single one of these that you order come with a carrying case and that they cannot be ordered in a group setting. That may make it a little tiresome for serious throwers, but for those just starting out it will make it all the easier to carry your gear.

Best Pick of Hunting Fixed Blade Knives

Elk Ridge ER-052

Elk Ridge brings us a great hunting blade in the ER-052. Again with it smelted from 440 stainless steel, meaning that it will keep an edge and deal the most arduous tasks you can throw at it.

Absolutely gorgeous solid wood handle gives you something worth holding on to while you’re skinning out a deer, especially with a contoured grip. This knife includes a leather sheath complete with Elk Ridge embossing on the front, though it will fit in your hunting kit easily as well. Your choice.

Best Pick of Military Style Fixed Blade Knives

Navy SEALs Tactical Combat Bowie Knife

While some people prefer a hunting style knife, others love a military style tactical knife. That’s exactly what the 9″ Navy SEALs Tactical Combat Bowie knife brings to the table. With a saw edge and a plain sharp edge, you’re ready for almost anything the world can throw at you. This knife is made of 420 steel and while not quite as tough as 440, it will certainly stand up to any challenge you can find.

Though black is the only color currently available as of this writing, several websites state that they do carry a camouflage version. This may cater to the tactical fan in you or your life a bit more than simple black.

When picking from the knives listed above, take a moment to ask yourself what you really need it for. Remember that even small knives can often work the same as larger ones in a pinch and that they are far easier to carry than something that is nearly as long as your water bottle.

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