Maxamet Steel Review

While searching for the best quality knives, we get to see most of them are made with maximal steel. maxamet steel is because maxamet steel is an effective tool with strong edge stability, retention, and wear resistance. Similarly, a maxamet steel review can make us more affiliated with great products.

Indeed, there are available options in the market as well. So which one to choose? It seems very difficult, right?

For the most part, maxamet steel is obvious in any luxury knives. Secondly, a well-organized product is essential too. Not knowing which one is the best, you must go through the below concept. Here, you can learn everything about Maxamet steel, its products, its competitions, and many more.

Our Favorite Maxamet Steel Review

Maxamet Steel Review

What is 8cr13mov Steel?

8cr13mov is jaw-dropping stainless steel with first-class traits. Specifically, this steel originated from China, belonging to the Cr13 steel series.

Generally, 8Cr13MoV possesses high chromium and high carbon elements. Thereupon, we can barely see any flaws in this steel. Outside of quality, 8cr13mov is easy to sharpen like a pie. In short, convenient sharpening is an overlooked factor of 8cr13mov steel. Just use a sharpening stone to sharpen this steel, and you will see a jubilant result after some time.

And yes, 8Cr13MoV may rust frequently. So make sure you keep a substance of 8Cr13MoV steel clean constantly. As a result, rusts will not find a way to attack.

Maxamet Chemical Composition?

Maxamet steel contains unique properties and chemical composition where huge amounts of carbon and tungsten are there. The table given can help you know about Maxamet steel composition.

Elements  Composition in %
Cobalt 10.0
Tungsten 13.0
Sulfur 0.70
Carbon 2.15
Silicon 0.25
Vanadium 6.00
Chromium 4.75
Manganese 0.30

We can see that tungsten is high in this steel from the table. Therefore, Maxamet steels leave no stone unturned in acquiring proper hardness. And afterward, this steel alloy proves itself as an efficient tool all around.

Similarly, the carbon particles here give a great hand in increasing the hardness of steel with resistance to corrosion and wear. In contrast, cobalt gives high protection in hot temperatures and certain wear.

Yet, vanadium also increases steel’s strength, and sulfur enhances machinability. Comparatively, manganese enables ease in holding and taking of edge.

Chromium resists the blade from high temperature, corrosions, and wear on the flipping side. As chromium is low here by 10%, Maxamet steel cannot be called stainless.

What are the Maxamet Steel Properties?

Because of unsurpassed edge retention and insane hardness, Maxamet steel is so popular everywhere. Although this steel is not corrosion-resistant and stainless steel, it does not compromise standards.

Without machinability, Maxamet steel is worthless. And fortunately, chromium increases the machinability of this steel.

Even though Maxamet steel is hard to sharpen, it will still do its task. So, better late than never, take some time in sharpening your maxamet knife.

Within 70HRC of hardness, Maxamet steel gains vanadium, carbon, and tungsten attributes and performs like any commercial knife.

Holding capabilities of the unparalleled edge is easier in Maxamet steel because of its super hard edge retention. Henceforth, anyone can suitably use such knives, finding no problems at all.

Maxamet Steel Alternatives

Now, let us know about the alternatives that give tight races to maxamet steel in several ways.

Maxamet vs m390

M390 and maxamet hold a mere comparison in calls of features. Unquestionably Maxamet steel is unbeatable because of its edge retention. In comparison, m390 is not so famous for edge retention. You will find a little inferiority while searching for this part.

Once and for all, m390 is a master in toughness. Not even maxamet steel can win if you look for toughness at first. So, it is quite clear that m390 steel is tougher than maxamet.

Maxamet is not fine for low corrosion resistance. And on the other hand, m390 is mind-blowing for resistance against corrosion. With this in mind, I don’t think m390 gives less wear resistance. Nevertheless, m390 is as great as maxamet steel when wear resistance features arise.

On balance, maxamet steel and m390 steel are the same in wear resistance. By and large, m390 is more corrosion-resistant and tough. Just in the same way, maxamet has more edge retention.

Maxamet vs m4

If any steel can compete with maxamet, it is m4. Mainly, maxamet steel is resistant to wear, and in contrast, m4 steel is resistant to abrasion. But it is not like Maxamet steel is not resistant to abrasion; each carries a significant part in its way.

Identically, maxamet is low in carbon compared to m4. At the same time, m4 is extremely high in carbon.

Likewise, Maxamet and M4 are both high in vanadium. Thus, there will be sturdy protection against any strong surface. Overall, both maxamet and m4 steel are outstanding for cutting premium tools.

Maxam et is not much resistant to corrosion. Different from maxamet, m4 is super resistant to corrosion. Besides that, m4 does not gain high edge retention as maxamet steel.

Maxamet vs s110v

Crucible’s Crucible is no less than a huge rival for Maxamet steel. The similar properties that S110V conquers like maxamet are- edge retention, wear resistance, and daring hardness. Unfortunately, the S110V is quite expensive than maxamet.

Indeed, Crucible confers to be stainless steel, where Maxamet steel is not stainless. Like the maxamet, s110v is high in vanadium.

Well, Crucible has more carbon than maxamet. Moreover, s110v retains extreme protection against wear and corrosion. In contrast, maxamet steel has no resistance against corrosion. Again, Crucible and maxamet steel are renowned for extreme toughness. So, if you are confused about firmness, let me tell you that maxamet steel and s110v steel are the same in this part.

Overall, Crucible’s Crucible is nowhere less in quality than maxmet. Both are top-leading tools for making luxury knives. The only mere difference between these two alternatives is price. Not forgetting, knives made with s110v steel are more costly than any commercial knives. On the other hand, knives made with maxamet steel are not so expensive and still serve amazing.

Maxamet vs crusher

Cruwear owns a stellar edge holding, which maxamet can not have. So, we can say, maxamet is a little less tough than crusher. Anyways, Maxamet steel is hard to sharpen compared to carbide steels. And none of the consumers could find it effortless to sharpen a maxamet steel knife. At the same time, crusher steel knives give no complications in terms of sharpening edges.

Similarly, crusher knives run less hard than maxamet steel. As mentioned before, maxamet steel is not stainless, where crusher tends to be stainless steel all over.

In search of the best air-hardening tool, crusher and maxamet steel seem to be the first choices for anyone. We all know, US Crucible Industries have a great hand in making great commercial knives.

The typical applications of crusher steel are coining, thread rolling dies, laminating dies, etc. There is no doubt that Maxamet steel offers great proximity in such applications, including the production of shear blades and steel knives.

Maxamet vs rex 45

One thing that is similar between maxamet steel and rex 45 is lower corrosion resistance. Still, with the best balances, rex 45 stays always sturdy even in minimal situations. Besides, these two substitutes have enough edge retention and edge stability.

Indeed, maxamet steel has excellent edge retention, but they are not superior in edge stability. If you see, maxamet is lower in toughness than rex 45. It means rex 45 is a lot tougher than other commercial knives. Comparatively, maxamet steel gives up corrosion resistance, where rex 45 is highly resistant to corrosion.

In terms of sharpening, maxamet is hard to adapt. But, if you use diamond sharpening stones, instant results of excellent sharpening in your maxamet steel review knife.

Conforming to be high-speed steel, rex 45 is sufficient in cobalt with 8%. Likewise, maxamet steel is also enough in cobalt but 10% higher than rex 45.

Henceforth, there is no question of quality when the materials are made with rex 45 or maxamet steel.

Is Maxamet Steel Good for Knives?

Of course, maxamet steel review is good for knives. Even this steel is the honey badger for any luxury-grade knives. Why maxamet steel is so good for knives is because of

excellent hardness and awesome edge retention.

Maxamet steel knives have unbeatable toughness, which is rare, unlike other ordinary knives. But, there are a few difficulties while sharpening maxamet knives. Not forgetting, we can spend some moments making this knife worth presenting every time, right?

One more thing you can do is, wipe off this knife with a clean cloth so that no corrosions can hamper it. We already know, Maxamet steel is less resistant to corrosion. So yeah.


  • It gives higher protection with edge stability
  • Stronger in quality
  • Holds unbeatable toughness for anything
  • Harder than rugged objects
  • Relevant for luxury-grade knives


  • Is not resistant to corrosions

Maxamet Steel Review

1. Spyderco Native 5 Signature Folder Knife

Spyderco Native 5 Signature Folder Knife with 2.95' Maxamet Steel...

Spyderco Native 5 Signature Folder Knife is one of the leading products in stores. Especially, savvy tactical knife users can have a great alternative to cut any hard objects in a click. This product is renowned as the latest 5th generation model in the Native line. Being designed in the USA, Spyderco Native knife turns flawless every time.

The Native 5 Signature knife puts a tick in all wanted features, whether length, grip, or control.


Firstly, we are going to discuss this knife’s measurement. Here, the knife’s overall length is 2.95 inches, ensuring valor cutting power. Mainly, fibrous materials can’t survive if used for Spyderco Native knives.


As there is a stern blade in Spyderco Native, you can be sure that it is a tactical cutting tool for any luxury use. This product explicitly features a Diamond-Like Carbon where no slouch can be seen.

Grip and control

Keep no doubt about the grip and control when you have Native 5 Signature Knife. With an index finger choil, this product gives a forward-positioned grip. Therefore, anyone can get enhanced control even if the tasks include detailed cutting.


  • Cuts fibrous materials in a click
  • Cutting power is amazing
  • Accurate in length, grip, and control
  • Best for detailed cutting
  • Renowned as a tactical cutting tool


  • Rusts in simple operations

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2. Spyderco Para 3 Maxamet Signature Knife

Spyderco Para 3 Maxamet Signature Folding Utility Pocket Knife with...

Spyderco Para 3 Maxamet Signature Knife is another great invention from the USA. The thing about this knife is, its price is very reasonable with standard features. Anyways, Para 3 Maxamet Signature Knife represents the redesigning of the iconic military.

Apart from its commendable design, Spyderco is compact and eases in usage, being pocket-friendly.

High performance 

Having a style of full flat ground, Para 3 Maxamet Signature Knife serves flawless performance. Also, it introduces an additional surface, including a finger choil and spine.


Patented compression locks play a significant role in enhancing a knife’s texture. In the same way, Spyderco owns all that components, which give high strength and user-friendly mechanisms. Hence, we can get a secured locking system and don’t have to stress about uncertain mishaps.

4 position pocket clip

Featuring a 4 position pocket clip, the Para 3 Maxamet Signature Knife gives enough comfort while carrying. Moreover, there is a large lined lanyard tube to grant supplement options for carrying.

One-handed opening 

Spyderco knives support ambidextrous traits. Furthermore, there is a G-10 handle with a narrow end. So, be sure that a secure grip is always with you if it is about Spyderco Para 3 Maxamet Signature Knife.


  • It comes at a reasonable price
  • Features one-handed opening
  • Design is compact and pocket friendly
  • Has additional options for carrying
  • Provides ease in usage


  • The locking system is counter-intuitive

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3. Spyderco Manix 2 Signature Knife

Spyderco Manix 2 Lightweight Signature Knife with 3.37' Maxamet Steel...

Spyderco Manix 2 Signature knife in no less than any supreme commercial knives. The knife works like a broad Maxamet blade with efficient cutting power.

Talking about longevity, hardness, and edge retention, Manix 2 gives no objection to these parts. And high strength is there, which makes us tension-free from unwanted minors.

Flat bevels

Some flat ground bevels in Manix 2 make it not lose sharpness in any situation. Besides, these bevels run from the spine to cutting edges. Thus, Manix 2 knife reduces all those ill-favored drags, which often occurs in cutting times. These bevels keep the knife’s weight low and ensure easy use.


Like any high-quality knife, the Spyderco Manix knife serves incredibly well with its one-handed opening. The main reason why this product conveys so ease is because of the 0.55-inch spot in diameter.

Lightweight fiberglass

With a co-polymer reinforced fiberglass handle, Manix 2 knife makes certain to have an easy hold.


Without a doubt, Spyderco Manix 2 gathers fine chemical, heat-resistant, and tough materials. Especially for varying conditions, this versatile knife will work great.


  • It works like a broad Maxamet blade
  • Has efficient cutting power
  • Keeps free from unwanted minors
  • Made with tough materials
  • Resistant to chemicals and heat


  • Balance is not good

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Buying Guide for Maxamet Steel Review

Since we have amalgamated the concept of maxamet steel review, now it is time to know what type of Maxamet knife is for us. Even though there are multiple options, it is still possible to get the right one. All you need is to consider some important properties in any Maxamet knife.


During applied forces and stress, hardness resists an object from deforming. If your knife is hard, it means there is ample strength in the product. The hardness of Maxamet knives is understood by the measurement of HRC.


Unless a maxamet knife can resist wear, the entire investment goes bland. So, make sure your knife can withstand adhesive and abrasive wear.

Markedly, adhesive wears prevail because of dislodged debris. And when a maxamet steel conquers hardness, there will undoubtedly be enough resistance against wear.


Maxamet steel can resist damages from chips, cracks, or sudden loads. There are some ways by which you can measure your knives, i.e., Izod, Charpy. However, if a knife is prone to hardness, it is less tough and vice versa.

Edge Retention

Edge retention of a knife ensures the longevity of its sharpness. Suppose no edge retention in a blade will not resist wear and deformations. For this reason, don’t forget to have a Maxamet steel knife that has flawless edge retention.

Corrosion Resistant

Due to corrosion resistance in a knife, no external elements can cause harm to it. For instance, salt, moisture, humidity do make steel alloy reach a predictable level. And to control such uncertainties, blades with corrosion-resistant resistance are essential.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Hardness(HRC) of Maxamet Steel?

Maxamet steel is one of the hardest steel options available in stores. However, in terms of commercial knives, Maxamet steel confers are suitable for consumers. Here, you will get wear-resistant abilities with the retention of extraordinary edges. Alongside, there is plenty of carbon, tungsten, and vanadium, which ensures hardness in knives. Coming to the HRC scale, Maxamet steel ranges from 67 to 70 in rating.

Does Maxamet Steel Rust?

Because of having low chromium levels, Maxamet steel does not tend to be stainless. Since there are no firm protecting elements, this steel alloy is not that resistant against rusts and corrosions. So yeah, Maxamet steel does rust often.

Is Maxamet Brittle?

No, Maxamet is not brittle. If we judge by its composition, manganese is 0.30%, chromium 4.75%, silicon 0.25% sulfur 0.70%, carbon 2.15%, cobalt 10%, tungsten 13%, and vanadium 6%.For which, it is quite evident that Maxamet is not very brittle.

Final Verdict

Summing up, we can say that maxamet steel is a worthy tool for any high-quality knife. On that note, a glance at maxamet steel review was a must. Now the question is, which maxamet knife can be your best one?

To give you a hint, I suggest you go for Spyderco Manix 2 Signature Knife for high quality. And if budget is your barrier in the purchase, Spyderco Para 3 Maxamet Signature Knife can be your correct choice.

None of the products are mediocre either, but great in their way. So please do not make any further delay & judge your right maximal steel knife according to their life

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