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An obsidian knife is versatile and has many practical uses. Obsidian, which was once a material that was used to make arrowheads in the Stone Ages, can now be used to make precise cuts with its reputation of being the sharpest glass out there. Obsidian is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that has a rich history where it was used to create art, arrowheads, and tools. The rich history of obsidian continues today by using glass to make pristine knives There are various kinds of Obsidian knives such as the rainbow obsidian knife, obsidian chef knife, and the obsidian blade pocket knife.

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What Is An Obsidian Knife?

Obsidian blades are made of obsidian. It usually comes with two handle options. By combining obsidian with other elements, one might be able to make an obsidian handle. Wood or other materials were usually used for handles before obsidian became popular. Various cultures used deer antler handles.

An easy mechanism is used to link two or more materials when the handle is made of more than one material. A hole drilled in obsidian and a handle attached properly may not always be the best approach.

In turn, this causes its hardness to decrease, which causes it to become brittle. However, its sharp edges can cause serious injuries, and it can break when in use.

These knives are so sharp that they have been used by surgeons as scalpels, with a blade of three nanometers, when operating on various animals (not on humans because it is not yet approved by FDA). This type of blade and knife is very beneficial for many types of activities, here is a couple.

Best Obsidian Knife Review

1. Obsidian Black Stone Knife

As a designer, I consider this knife to be both aesthetically pleasing as well as well-proportioned. The smooth, sleek blade measures 9 inches long and was handcrafted from scratch by Etsy seller NewMoonBeginnings.

Because it is flat on the back, I can display it quite conveniently in my home. Due to its continuous rich black hue, this knife complements most any setting, regardless of the occasion.


  • Blade with a smooth and easy-to-grip handle
  • Flat backs are perfect for displaying
  • Gift wrapping is an option
  • A consistent color scheme and texture
  • Handcrafted


  • Additionally, a flattened back feels less authentic
  • Since it is a long, narrow knife, it is somewhat delicate

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2. Carved Knife Of Obsidian 

Handmade by Xochi Quetzalli, who uses traditional techniques from ancient Mexico to make them, Spirit Medicine’s sleek, handcrafted knives are as real as they get. Approximately 6 inches in length, this knife has ornate carvings on the handle.

I’m particularly taken with the embedded carvings on this knife, and it’s clear from simply touching it that a significant amount of thought and consideration went into its manufacture.


  • The seller includes free shipping.
  • Great gifting idea, each order is beautifully wrapped.
  • The obsidian tint varies from knife to knife, making each piece unique.


  • Being handmade, size may vary.
  • Due to the small seller, this knife has limited quantity.

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3. Obsidian Classic Knife

With an extra-long blade length of 7-7.5 inches, this LITABEADS obsidian knife is a great choice for big hands. 

This seller’s customer service was excellent, and each knife is custom-made to my requirements.

The knife’s blade is completely flat on one side, making it excellent for displaying on one side of the table. Even though this knife does not have any inlaid engravings, the jet-black obsidian’s smooth, elegant surface speaks volumes.


  • Every order ships for free
  • Excellent service
  • Blade length above normal
  • Handcrafted feel


  • Not as ornate as other ornamental knives
  • Unpredictable measurements

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4. Obsidian Blade On Dark Burns Green

With this ancient blade in my hand, I was able to feel a strong sense of connection to the past. With a length of around 10 inches and a handle made of sagebrush and faux sinew, this exquisite obsidian knife will appeal to anyone avoiding the use of animal products while still obtaining an authentic appearance.

Designed by Etsy seller givingnatureanewlook, each knife is made to order, to ensure that you receive something unique.


  • The obsidian blade’s natural texture
  • Rustic included handle
  • Custom created


  • Longer blades may be harder to display.
  • Due to the handcrafted nature of knives, the blade shape may vary from one to another

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Uses of Obsidian Knife

Preparing Meals

Obsidian Knife Cutting Tomato
Image source:

Whether you are cooking a meal for the whole family at home or out in the wilderness while riding solo, an obsidian knife is definitely the knife for the job. Although the blade is jagged, it makes clean cuts in both hard and soft foods without requiring much force on your side. This youtube video is an interesting source that shows just how well an obsidian knife can cut a tomato without bruising or squishing it. Also, if you are out camping in the woods and need a sharp blade to skin a small animal for a meal over the campfire, an obsidian knife does a great job, especially since it does not dull at a fast rate when in use. The obsidian knife could also be used in starting fires because of its flint like property when fractured. This knife is a perfect companion survival knife for everyday activities while camping, but it is also a cool kitchen knife to pull out when wanting to impress company or when looking to spice up your cooking life.

A Flint Replacement

Like I mentioned quickly above, an obsidian or an obsidian knife can be used in place of flint when used with steel. A video by Larry Rogers shows how to make a fire start by using the two materials. He mentions that there is a special balance of sharpness and fragileness that one must keep in mind while striking the obsidian with the steel in order to successfully produce a spark and ultimately a fire. A larger piece of obsidian is preferred, like the one used in the video, but a blade of an obsidian knife will also do the job. The ability for obsidian to act as a flint is especially nice when you do not have anything with you that will aid in making a fire.

Cutting Large Pieces of Wood

Obsidian Machete
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An obsidian knife is a sharp knife that can be used for cutting large pieces of wood such as trees, logs, etc. Since the blade gets sharper with each use, the cutting of wood will become easier with little need for continual sharpening. This use of an obsidian knife is better with a large, machete obsidian knife rather than a normal blade. The blade of the obsidian knife is incomparable to others because of its ability to stay sharp and sturdy. It also makes nice clean cuts which are important in being efficient when cutting wood. This factor of the obsidian knife makes it a must-have for all outdoorsmen and campers.

How to Sharpen Obsidian Knife Blades?

Obsidian Blades are made from a variety of materials such as metal, titanium, plastic, ceramic, glass and obsidian. Obsidian is generated in nature when felsic lava is forced from a volcano and does not experience the process of crystal growth while cooling. Because of its chemical form, which allows it to get nearly molecular thinness, it is an ideal element for making surgical scalpel blades. It is a naturally designed glass that can be crafted to a considerably sharper cutting edge than steel blades. The substance is even used in some sports knives. If your obsidian knife blade has been worn down and could use sharpening follow these easy steps:

  • Stand in front of the kitchen counter and place the sharpening stone vertically on the countertop.
  • Place the obsidian blade flat on the stone, placing the length of the knife at a 45-degree angle to the stone.
  • Take the handle of the knife, with your index finger along the blade’s backside.
  • Lift the blade’s flat side surface off of the stone at a 20-degree angle, but keep the cutting edge over the stone.
  • Move the blade toward you, while keeping the edge connected with the stone. While doing so, maintain the 20-degree angle reached when raising the backside of the blade from the stone and the 45-degree angle length position of the knife to the stone. Put a little pressure as you move the blade opposite the stone.
  • Switch over on the other side and redo the process on the other side of the Obsidian blade while keeping the position of the angles.
Atlanta Cutlery Beaded Bone Obsidian Blade Knife
  • Knife is hand made by artist Dale Duby
  • Blade is made of obsidian
  • Size is approximately 9-1/2" overall


Obsidian is a really cool glass that was often used as decoration and even was used in the eyes of the Moai statues on Easter Island. This volcanic glass is considered art and can be a great thing to display when it is not in use. Displaying your obsidian knife is an easy task that you can creatively personalize. Some ideas of ways to display your knife include putting it in a display case, placing it on a shelf, or even investing in a rack that you can put on your desk. The obsidian knife is definitely something to show off in front of all of your friends and family that will raise both your confidence and your ego.

An obsidian knife is a tool that can be versatile and used for many purposes that you may not be able to initially think of off the top of your head. The different uses of this knife make it perfect for wilderness and survival usage and make it a key item to bring with you when on your next camping trip. With a rich history, it is no wonder that this volcanic product is still used today in modern society. The history contributes to the knife’s accountability and speciality in being a multi-purpose item that can be used by people in all kinds of diverse situations. This knife is a must-have and will make a marvellous addition to your already existing, or non-existing, knife collection.

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