Best Pocket Knife: Our Top 10 Product Picks

Whenever you plan to go hiking, camping, or fishing, don’t forget to carry the best pocket knife along with you. You’ll find numerous uses for a pocket knife, like cutting ropes to secure your catch or your tent. They come in handy for shaving wood for starting a fire, cutting bait, or just whittling around the fire … Read more

The Best Knife Set to Buy for Your Kitchen

Having the sayings of Masaharu Morimoto to guide you in the kitchen can help you churn out exquisite dishes. From telling you that cooking doesn’t have to have rules and you can just do what you want to when cooking to the more direct “a kitchen without a knife is not a kitchen,” this celebrity chef reaches … Read more

Best Tactical Knife Review

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10 Different Types of Knives You Should Get to Know

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The Importance of Having a Proper Knife Holder

All household and kitchen objects, accessories and tools need proper care if they are to last long and serve their purpose well. How you store things is as important as knowing the right technique to use them. When stored properly and cleaned regularly, utility tools like knives, graters, blades, scissors, screwdrivers, hammers and cutters stay … Read more