Stop! Before grabbing that fancy, brand new set of knives for your home or business, have you tried actually sharpening them with a proper kit?

Apex Edge Pro is the kit that can turn even old, worn out knives into like new materials and sharpness. The patented system lasts for years and will lengthen the lifespan of a knife through regular use.

The kit comes in 4 separate series, each with its own advantages. The kit gets more advanced with each series, so the 1 kit is the most basic with the 4 kit being the most advanced and ideal for commercial purposes.

How Does the Apex Edge Pro Work?

Apex Edge Pro kit works the same on every series from one to four. The initial kit holds the knife with the blade facing upwards and smooths out the edge with a grit fine water stone. This is in contrast to a lot of other tools that use grinders or sharpeners which often times remove chips and pieces from the knife while not getting an ideal sharpness.

Some of the advantages of the system are

  • Sharpest knives you’ll ever get. Using our high quality, grit stones rather than grinders makes the knives amazing sharp no matter how long you’ve had the knife.
  • Extend knife lifespan significantly!
  • Extremely durable. Many customers report using our product for years without having to replace it while competitors and imitators using cheaper materials often fall apart with a few months.
  • Safe. The tool comes with two separate catch points to keep your hands clear of the knife while sharpening.


So What’s the Difference Between the Kits?

As mentioned above, the 4 different kits each have additional features the higher up you go on the list. If you need something more robust, order a higher level kit.

Apex 1 Kit

apex edge pro 1

The most basic, this kit includes the edge pro sharpening system, a 220 grit medium fine water stone, a 400 grit fine water stone, a microfiber towel, an instructional manual, a carrying case and a water bottle. This is the most basic level that is ideal for personal uses and sharpening small or medium sized knives.

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Apex edge pro 2

Apex 2 Kit

This kit includes everything in the Apex 1 Kit. In addition, you get another stone, this one being a 600 grit extra fine water stone for even more precision. You also get a ceramic hone as an additional, faster way to sharpen knives without unloading the kit plus a detailed instructional DVD so you can get the most out of your tool!

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Apex 3 Kit

apex edge pro 3The Apex 3 contains everything in the Apex 1 and 2 plus an ultra fine 1,000 grit water stone and a 120 grit coarse water stone. This kit has a much wider variety of stones for just about every knife you could own and is amazing for personal or even limited commercial uses.

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Apex 4 Kit

apex edge pro 4The ultimate Apex sharpening system, this kit has it all! You get all 5 grit water sharpening stones and equipment in the previous 3 kits plus a polishing kit that includes 1 pack of 2,000 grit polish tapes, 1 pack of 3,000 grit polish tapes and 2 polish tape mounting brackets.

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