Available in two different colors or styles – brown and silver, Boker Medium Stockman Classic Pocket Knife comes from a reputable manufacturer with a comprehensive palette of knives. Boker is not the average knife manufacturer you run into everyday, yet its products can definitely make the difference. It is, however, up to you to determine what you truly expect from a new knife. The Stockman Classic model is compact and designed for pocket uses.

Boker Medium Stockman Classic Pocket Knife

Whether you are the camping type or you need a small tool around the household or during a picnic, this unit might hold the answer to all of your issues. It is lightweight, durable and designed to deliver. But what should you expect from it?

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Caramel bone straight to your pocket

If there is one thing that gives up first when using a pocket knife regularly, that is the handle. It starts moving out of nowhere until it can no longer hold the blade. Boker’s pocket knife is different though. Forget about carbon fiber, Kevlar and tough metallic materials. Caramel bone is designed to last for decades, especially if you try to maintain your knife in the best possible shape. According to the manufacturer, there are people who talk and people who do. This knife is designed for those who do. The brown jigged bone is not just durable, but also sleek and stylish.

Furthermore, the durability is given by the carbon steel blade as well. It is sharp, easy to sharpen overtime and just like any other piece of carbon steel, it can resist rust and corrosion.

Just what you need in a pocket knife

Unless you are going to the army or in the middle of nowhere for a few weeks, chances are you will not need those sophisticated pocket knifes with forks, spoons or corkscrews. Instead, a few knives in different sizes are more than enough. The three blades are entirely made of carbon steel. They open up smoothly, but they are also solid enough to prevent unwanted movements. Imagine one of those cheap moving knives and an old rusty one. The smoothness is somewhere in the middle, only this is what it is supposed to feel like.

Features and specifications

  • 5 inches in length
  • Good looking and durable caramel bone handle
  • Three plates – small, medium and large
  • Carbon steel blades
  • Only weighs 2 ounces
  • Smooth mixture of brown and white


Customer reviews and scores

With a few dozen customer reviews regarding Boker Medium Stockman Classic Pocket Knife, the unit is currently scoring 4.3 out of 5 stars. It is one of the best rated pocket knives over the Internet. Just like any other thing out there, it does have a few minuses too. A customer claims that it feels different from other Boker knives and does not believe that it is made in Germany due to the lightweight profile. However, it is easy to realize why – carbon steel is lightweight. Plus, there are no doubts that any product commercialized by Boker is manufactured in the home country.

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In the end, Boker’s pocket knife does stand up in the crowd. Materials and quality standards follow the German reliability. It is not a complex knife, but just what most people need.