I am a recently revived knife enthusiast. I stopped for a while because you have other responsibilities and they merge with your expense catalogues and yet, when I started again, I was inordinately hooked by all the reviews I read about the Buck 301 BKS Stockman pocket knife. I knew I had to have it. The reviews however, did lack a full perspective on the product. I had to literally scan a dozen of snippets to gather complete information on the product. I am therefore honor bound as a satisfied consumer to provide this concise review where all information is packed at one place.  buck-301

Why invest in Buck

The company has been a stellar producer; Buck remains a trademark of quality. The company was amongst the premier few ones who stated production of products in response to the growing demands for tactical-folding knives in the industry. The Buck 301 BKS in particular is one of the most popular products in their line. I myself bought the knife because of its versatility and that is the main reason or the growing sale for the product. Millions of satisfied customers over the years have drawn testament to this purposefulness of the knife and its fitting a variety of scenarios.

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Buck knives are an all-American knife manufacturing business based out of San Diego. The company was established in 1902 and it is a family business, which has been undertaken by the Bucks for generations now. They are primarily sorting knife and field knife specialists and their name has become synonymous with the lockback mechanism folding-knife, which originated in that period.

Elegance and Performance

 The product is Buck’s largest and most popular lines. It is a traditional folding knife and features three blades mechanisms. It has a 3 inches clip point, a 2 1/8th inch Spey and a 2 1/8th inches sheepsfoot blade all packed in one compact product. The blade is a 420HC stainless steel, which lives up to its expected sharp quality. The knife comes with the trademark Buck plastic handles – black with the “Classic Bolt” logo engraved on it. The knife is also covered under the company’s 4-ever lifetime warranty.

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Buck 301 BKS Stockman Specs

  • Product Dimensions: 4.5×1.2×1:
  • Average customer review: 4.7 stars
  • The blade material is impeccable 420HC stainless steel
  • Includes the product, box and warranty registration card from the company
  • Shipping Weight: 2.4 ounces


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Reviewing customer feedback

Most customer feedback for the product has been positive. You do not buy a Buck product if you are expecting a fancy knife with too much drama or design flourish. The knife is elegant, simplistic, and extremely functional. It features in many collectors’ arsenals but it is never supposed to be just a collectible. The classic bolt logo on the plastic handle is the only branding flourish added to the product.


In conclusion, I concur that starting a collection again, I could not have done better than buck 301. It is a collectible and an authentic brand. It is also extremely functional and a versatile product.