Recently I started my pocket knife collection and this covers a lot of area – fishing, cooking, hunting, and obviously limited editions. However, I am relatively new to this hobby. As any dedicated enthusiasts, I started reading up everything before I decided which products to include in my collection. Yet, without having touched a single piece of material, I knew about the Sebenza – it is that iconic a product. My reviews on the product are based on my personal experience with it and being a novice knife enthusiast I know how important every bit of information is when it comes to product choice. 

I recently bought the Chris Reeve Large Sebenza 21 Riddled CGG 3.625“. A glorious knife that was introduced in may 2008 commemorating the fact that Sebenza was 21 years old. It is one of the most popular design editions from the celebrated American knife maker Chris Reeve. CRK (Chris Reeve Knives) has been proudly manufacturing the Sebenza since 1987 and currently the different models are available in various updated versions or limited editions.

Chris Reeve Sebenza

Why buy Chris Reeve Sebenza  

Currently, you can find four models of Sebenza – small regular, large regular, classic small and classic large. However, since May of 2008 two of the productions regular and classic have been discontinued. Instead, the company introduced the Sebenza 21, which is named after the fact that the brand had completed its 21 years of glory. This new designs veers a lot towards the classic design and only has very slight differences that make it unique.

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Elegance and performance

The product defines elegance in the knife category – this I have to say. The titanium handle of the Sebenza is a legend in the knife industry. There has always been an unwavering commitment from the brand towards quality and attention to small details when it comes to the design.

There have been minor design changes introduced within the Sebenza 21 – more defined chamfer on the handle’s pivot edge, the engraved ‘Classic MM’ has been removed from the knife and the Sebenza 21 is easier to insert in  a sheath or pocket.

Sebenza 21 By Chris Reeve on YouTube

Chris Reeve Sebenza 21 CGG  Specs

  • Product Dimensions: 3.625” or 92 mm (blade length), 0.125” or 3.175 mm (blade thickness). Overall length of product 212 mm
  • Average customer review: 4 stars
  • The blade material is impeccable CPM S35VN stainless steel
  • Pocket clip on the product is made out of titanium
  • Trademark Chris Reeve branding
  • Shipping: right now available for just within US

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Reviewing customer feedback

Wherever I have read, The Chris Reeve Sebenza CGG has been generating quite a positive feedback. There have been compliments regarding the various handle designs that the product is available in. The CGG here stands for computer generated graphic. You can also find the handles in a variety of design choices, which include – Geometric, Gold leaf or even a Celtic design.

Users who have used the Sebenza classic models are pretty comfortable with the Sebenza 21; however, users who are more compatible with the regular models might miss that particular design. It is however, a minor setback considering that everything a Sebenza stands for – quality, performance and sharpness, the new 21 CGG model more than qualifies.


In conclusion, I stand firm that I am quite happy with the purchase; Sebenza is a great knife to start your collection with. You can also depend on the brand if you are a novice and do not want to start out with a high risk- low potential model.