Based in Portland’s Oregon, Gerber is popular for its creative designs blended with superior quality materials to offer a sturdy and outstanding collection of blades to sportsmen and professionals such as military soldiers and firefighters. The Gerber LMF II 22-41400 survival knife is certainly as per the military specs, which is tested on the field by the troops.

In our Gerber LMF II survival knife review, we’re going to reveal why this is a highly versatile military-like knife that can shatter a window to save a trapped individual, cut through an aircraft fuselage, sever a seat belt, can and chop up firewood for a campfire without losing its durability power.

Features and Specifications

Gerber LMF II survival knife

  • Rugged, versatile tool;
  • Low-profile sheath limiting blistering and possessing a carbide sharpener;
  • Ballistic nylon with a coating resistant to fire for sheath;
  • Over-molded handle with glass-filled nylon and TPV overmold;
  • Safety knife packed;
  • 10.59-inch long and jagged knife;
  •  4.84-inch long blade with drop point style, serrated type, and 420HC stainless steel material;
  • 24.28 oz of weight with sheath;
  • 11.67 oz of weight without sheath;
  • Strap cutter;
  • MOLLE compatible;
  • 2 safety straps;
  • Made in USA.

Pros and Cons


  • Superior comfort while gripping;
  • Made from 420HC stainless steel;
  • Blockblock electrical shock feature;
  • Black oxide coating for extra corrosion resistance;
  • Serrated edge for extra durability.


  • Can feel too heavy;
  • Uncomfortable to hold due to the wide handle;
  • The plastic is susceptible to breaking;
  • Not full tang;
  • The steel strong enough.

About the Gerber LMF II 22-41400 Survival Knife

Gerber LMF II 22-41400 survival knife

The Handle


We’re going to start this Gerber LMF II survival knife review with one of the most important parts of a knife – the handle. Unlike several other survival knives, the LMF II does not possess a full tang design. Instead, it is a three-quarter tang design for fulfilling the purpose of being an aircrew knife.

Material and Grip

The knife’s handle features a glass-filled nylon enfolded in a TPV rubber skin, a rarely found blend that ensures superior comfort while gripping.  Giving a rubberized feel, the handle is quite grippy, unlike the SOG knives featuring a tougher composite handle. It directs the water so nicely that the grip is not lost even if the knife gets wet. Toward the handle’s butt-end, the grip takes a curve to cushion hammering and avert slippage.

Being wider and a bit flat, the grippy handle with its low profile design extends the grip surface area exposed to your palm and eases out the task of securely binding the knife to a bond. The handle is also engineered to blockblock electrical shock while smashing through active wires in a damaged devices or applications. For this, the knife employs a hard, nylon substrate process of injection molding, which locks butt cap and blade together but isolates the former from the latter.

Other Features

The handle also possesses two holes top as well as a lanyard hole, which helps in transforming the knife into a spear.

The Blade

Whether you wish to cut a belt or build a shelter, this LMF II survival knife can help you achieve what you want in a variety of situations. This means you need not doubt as to whether you have the most reliable knife or not. This knife comes with a drop-point blade featuring a convex curve commencing from the blade’s spine to its tip. Such a blade remains quite strong across the entire knife length, including the point due to which the tool’s effectiveness is high for slicing, cutting, slicing, or even for performing the bushcraft task.

The blade itself is made from 420HC stainless steel that is tough and highly resistance to rust and wear/tear, which makes the knife ideal for different chores, such as chopping, prying, and even digging. The blade has a black oxide coating for extra corrosion resistance and a low visual signature.

Toward the handle, it turns from a fine edge into a serrated one, which is simply easy to sharpen. In other Gerber LMF II survival knife reviews, you may find that some believe that serrated edges are difficult to sharpen. In reality, a serrated edge is likely to remain sharp for long and that it cuts items such as ropes and vines faster than a straight equivalent.

Customer Reviews and Scores

We can’t finish this Gerber LMF II survival knife review without taking into account other user’s opinions.
User reviews give the Gerber LMF II 22-41400 an average score of 4.7 stars out of 5. Approximately 78% reviews are positive, praising the knife. Let’s look at a couple of positive Gerber LMF II 22-41400 reviews:

Barret Brewster wrote:

It has served me, fed me, protected me, amused me, and shared more adventures with me than my closest of friends. This is more than a knife, it is a life partner.

David B Hunter wrote:

Yes, the LMF is a beast of a knife but the balance is perfect and the grip is fantastic (at least for my mitts). Add in a really solid and durable sheath that includes a built-in sharpener, attachment points for an optional spark fire-starter (not included) and multiple included options for mounting to belt, leg or vest/backpack.

Nonetheless, there are also users that were a bit disappointed with the knife:

The Griz wrote:

This knife is overall a good concept/idea. However, it has a number of glaring flaws that I’m having a hard time looking past, and that have lead me to get a SOG Seal Pup Elite instead.

Don Michael Lazarus wrote:

It’s a fair knife, but I put it to use camping and it didn’t handle much before the grip started to tear up and exposed plastic under the rubber. The plastic also chipped. It’s not a bad knife, but don’t rely on it as THE knife.


We’re ending our Gerber LMF II survival knife review on a more than positive note. With strong butt cap that can break the glass and jagged blade that can cut wires, the Gerber LMF II is perhaps an all-inclusive survival knife to have. Designed as tough as nail, this survival knife is capable of defending you at any time even if you are behind the enemy line.