Shocking, surprising and intriguing! These are the perfect words to describe Global G-16 Chef’s Knife. These are also the stages you go through as you get it, analyze it and start using it. At first, you are shocked by its weight and construction. Later on, you are surprised by the innovative design and the cutting capability, only to end up intrigued. Why have not you bought it earlier?

Global G-16 Chef's Knife

Global has surprised the market when its Japanese knives have first hit the market. They came as a solid alternative to the European knives. They are initially developed for professional users, yet they obviously make excellent solutions in residential kitchens as well. They shine where they are supposed to – sharpness, durability, and versatility. It makes no difference if you work in a restaurant or you only have to cook for your entire family a few times a week. Forget about using five knives for a recipe. Just get a solid chef knife and cooking will suddenly become a pleasant experience.

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Allowing balance and stability in your cooking sessions

Stability and balance are some of the first things you need to look for in a knife. They are even more important if you buy a chef knife for more operations and foods. This unit feels a bit lightweight when you first pick it up due to the stainless steel construction. It does not have a handle since the entire unit is made of one piece. These things add to a simplistic design, as well as a lightweight profile. This is probably the most striking feature associated with Global’s knife.

The handle contributes to the overall stability along with its overall construction too. While most people focus on the blade and its design, no one pays attention to the handle. It is a terrible mistake. A badly shaped handle will cause pains in the bones around the thumb, especially if you use them too much. Luckily, this knife comes with a molded handle. It looks like it has been made for your hands. Worried that the metallic design might slip if your hands are wet? It is dimpled, so such risks are out of the discussion.

The Japanese reliability at its finest

The Japanese knives from Global were immediately embraced by the western market. They brought in something new – a unique and interesting solution that overcame all conceptions about this industry. Today, these knives are some of the best-rated ones over the Internet. While all knives in the G series are made of stainless steel, the manufacturer has focused on a mixture of vanadium and molybdenum, which adds to the durability and sharpness. The handle carries the exact same characteristics.

The one piece design is probably the most appealing thing, not to mention about the blade sharpness. Most knives require sharpening at every few months. It depends on where they are used though. When used in a professional facility, this knife might need a couple of sharpening sessions every year. When used in your own kitchen at home, you can probably go on with it for a few years. In order to prove the confidence in its own products, Global provides a lifetime warranty against breakage. Judging by the impressive amounts of customer reviews, it looks like you will not really need to use it.

Features and specifications

  • 10 inch long blade
  • Ideal to chop, mince, dice, cut and slice all kinds of meats, herbs, and vegetables
  • Superior quality stainless steel used in the construction
  • Designed in one piece only
  • Edge sharpness maintained over time
  • Handle is molded for comfort and dimpled for safety
  • Manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty
  • Cost efficient when compared to other similar knives

Customer reviews and scores

It is hard to find a perfect product because nothing can satisfy everyone. However, the Global G-series knives are pretty close to doing it. Global G-16 Chef’s Knife scores 4.8 out of 5 stars, which is pretty close to perfection. There are no 1 or 2 star reviews given, so most customers are happy with what they got. Close to 40 individuals has shared their experiences so far.

When it comes to not so happy customers, a past buyer said that his knife lost its sharpness while trying to sharpen it regularly for a perfect cut. The truth is that such knives must be sharpened when they cause problems or put pressure on the thumb. It should not be a daily maintenance operation or you risk ruining the blade.

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In the end, the G-16 chef knife can stand up in the crowd, especially around its segment. It is properly balanced and brings in a good weight for its size. Forget about pressure or pains. It cuts all kinds of foods and maintains its sharpness over time. It is used in both residential and professional kitchens due to its cost efficiency.