Whether you enjoy cooking your own food or you have to do it for your entire family a few times a week, you have probably noticed already that you cannot use the same knife for every type of food. A vegetable knife will ruin your bread, just like a bread knife will provide a terrible meat cut. When you truly care about your diet and you eat a lot of vegetables, an appropriate knife is mandatory for a top notch experience.

Global G-5 Vegetable Knife

This is when you run into Global G-5 Vegetable Knife. Just like many other knives from the reputable manufacturer, this one comes with some innovations that can seriously confuse your current beliefs and expectations. It is specifically developed for vegetables, so it is quite wide, yet it can be helpful for other purposes as well. While originally designed for professionals, it has become just as common in home kitchens.

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The one piece construction is unique

You are less likely to find too many one piece knives in commerce. Most of them consist of at least two parts – the handle and the blade. They are fitted together with some professional staples. This construction allows some flexibility, but it tends to go loose over time. It obviously depends on what you use it for. At that point, the flexibility becomes useless. It is not like you can find replacement handles or blades everywhere around. If you are like most people out there, you will probably just buy a new knife.

Global’s G-5 vegetable knife is different. Both the handle and the blade are made of stainless steel. The manufacturer has used different types of steel though, but this is irrelevant. Moreover, the handle is molded, but it is also fitted with the blade for a one piece construction. Forget about loosening parts. Forget about unexpected accidents too. The entire construction guarantees for a top notch operation. Apart from the molded appearance, the handle is also dimpled. It is less likely to slip while gripping it, so you do not have to alter the productivity for safety.

Stainless steel taken to the next level

While the handle is made of regular stainless steel, the blade is slightly different. It measures 7 inches in length, but it is also wide enough for large vegetables. It is made of high technology vanadium and molybdenum stainless steel. With this construction, the razor sharpness is retained over long periods of time, without worrying about the vegetables you cut. The knife has been produced to be used in professional kitchens. If it can withstand abusive uses in a restaurant, it can easily support your needs as well.

Features and specifications

  • Quite lightweight – just over 10 ounces
  • 7 inches in length
  • Ideal to chop and slice vegetables
  • High quality stainless steel used for both the handle and the blade
  • Made of one piece only
  • Razor sharpness maintained over long periods of time
  • Dimpled and molded handle for safety and comfort
  • Manufacturer’s lifetime warranty


Customer reviews and scores

With close to 50 reviews so far, Global G-5 Vegetable Knife seems to get more and more popularity with every new day. The new unit has recently joined the exclusive category of quality knives ranking 4.9 stars out of 5. There are not too many kitchen knives ranking that high.

However, despite all these, there will always be small complaints here and there. It is in the human nature to check a product by its negatives, rather than its pluses. But then, those complaints are rather funny than important. A past customer claims that the exquisite cut is quite risky because not everyone is as careful as they should be in the kitchen. Such complaints inevitably become valuable recommendations.

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In the end, contesting the G-5 knife is hard. It is a specialized model, which means that it is mostly designed for vegetables. It allows a great volume of work due to the solid grip and lightweight profile, but it also ensures quick and immediate results due to the sharp edge. It makes a good addition to restaurants and other food related businesses, but it is also excellent if you use to cook healthy foods for your entire family.