Schrade 8OT Old Timer 3-Blade Pocket Knife Review

Taylor Cutlery Schrade 8OT Old Timer 3-Blade Pocket Knife has drawn a lot of positive attention with its cost efficiency. If you are not the avid camper, but you only need something handy every once in a while, this pocket knife might be the ideal solution for you.

Buck 371BRS Stockman Review

Buck Knives do not need any introduction when looking for a quality and reliable pocket knife. The manufacturer stepped into the “pocket knife” industry very long ago. Buck 371BRS Stockman is representative among pocket knives and steps in to help campers, picnic lovers, craftsmen and even average individuals

Case Cutlery 042 Medium Stockman Pocket Knife Review

When in need of a pocket knife, it makes perfect sense to want something that is functional, rather than something that looks good. But how about having an exquisite knife that also looks stylish? This is when Case Cutlery 042 Case Medium Stockman Pocket Knife kicks in

Global G-4 Oriental Chef’s Knife Review

Not sure what makes a good knife for your kitchen? Just because it looks fancy and it feels a bit more expensive, it does not mean that you can buy any random knife you can find in a store. You will have to sharpen it at every

Wusthof Classic Ikon 9-Inch Cook’s Knife Review

As if Wusthof would still need any introduction to the cutlery world, its Classic Ikon 9-Inch Cook’s Knife steps in to make one’s life a lot easier in the kitchen. This is one of those few models out there that can successfully work in both professional and residential kitchens.

Apex Edge Pro Series Review

Stop! Before grabbing that fancy, brand new set of knives for your home or business, have you tried actually sharpening them with a proper kit? Apex Edge Pro is the kit that can turn even old, worn out knives into like new materials and sharpness. The patented

Mora Companion Heavy Duty MG Review

Buying a survival knife was only the beginning of constant research online for efficient tools in the niche. After a lot of digging I was convinced I had to choose between three of the top brands in the field – being a novice, I was not willing

Ka-Bar Becker BK2 Campanion Review

Shopping for a tactical knife can be harrowing – never thought I would feel that. However, with all the options raining down your head, you might not just be overwhelmed but too often lack of proper research means you will end up with a bad deal as

ESEE 6 Plain Black Blade Review

Buying a survival knife is not a single dimensional effort. You have to focus on so many aspects of the product and it has to come through one ach single count. Imagine my dismay when I started hunting for the perfect survival/tactical knife – not that I

Fallkniven A1 Review

Swedish products have rather dominated the knife niche largely. Being a knife collector, you can understand my continued fascination with a Swedish brand- Fallkniven. Yet, this is not your run of the mill brand from the region; it is the best of what the country has to