Taylor Cutlery Schrade 8OT Old Timer 3-Blade Pocket Knife has drawn a lot of positive attention with its cost efficiency. If you are not the avid camper, but you only need something handy every once in a while, this pocket knife might be the ideal solution for you.

Taylor Cutlery Ltc 80T Schrade Old Timer 3-Blade Pocket Knife

Not sure if this is the right unit for you? Make sure that you identify your necessities upfront. The compact construction comes with a few sturdy blades that can help when fixing something around the household or perhaps crafting in your garage. If you love picnics, this unit is a must-have.

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Durability and convenience in a thinner design

Schrade is not new at all when it comes to pocket knives. This model raises to the past customers’ expectations, yet the thin main blade might feel a bit suspicious. Old models used to have thick blades that lasted for a lifetime. This new one has a thin blade. However, quality is not compromised at all due to the 400 series stainless steel. The steel flexibility and strength allows a thinner design, so there is nothing to worry about during your everyday uses. The knife can successfully tackle operations both indoors and outdoors.

Innovative technologies for the handle construction

No one can deny the bone or metallic construction of most pocket knives. These things can be quite durable, yet none of them compares to delrin. Delrin is not such a popular material though. The crystalline plastic is most commonly used in industrial applications. It is unique in construction and has an exquisite resistance to solvents and fuels. It can face all kinds of stress and endurance with no worries at all. It is also known for the stiff and strong design. All in all, such characteristics can definitely contribute to the overall durability.

Features and specifications

  • Weighs less than 3 ounces
  • Durable and resistant delrin handle
  • 3 inch long main blade
  • Compact construction
  • 400 series stainless steel
  • Three different blades
  • Good looking style


Schrade 8OT Old Timer Customer reviews and scores

Schrade’s Taylor Cutlery Ltc 80T Schrade Old Timer 3-Blade Pocket Knife is one of the best rated products in this category. It has more than 120 customer reviews. Most of them are five star rankings. The overall score is at 4.5 stars out of 5. With so many people buying it, there must be something useful about this knife.

While everyone seems to be happy with it, there are also a few complaints here and there. A customer claims that it would have been perfect if the main blade was just half an inch shorter. However, with three differently sized blades, you can always use a different one.

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In the end, it looks like Schrade has come up with another major release for pocket knife users. While this model is simplistic and does not have any sophisticated features, it does its job with no issues at all. It can also face the test of time without experiencing any wear and tear, not to mention about the cost efficiency.