Looking for the right knife for your kitchen? Interested in boosting your talent when cooking for your family or perhaps enjoying the reliability of a top notch knife in your restaurant? While it is mostly developed with professional purposes, Shun DM0760 Classic Asian Chef’s Knife has become widely accessible across regular home kitchens as well. The chef profile makes it ideal for all types of foods without too much effort from your side.

Shun DM0760 Classic Asian Chef's Knife Review

If you are sick and tired of knives whose handles go loose or whose blades chip after a few months, Shun’s chef knife might help you overcome the frustration overnight. The manufacturer has a top notch reputation all over the world. The high Japanese quality standards leave no room for mistakes. Precision is its middle name while versatility guarantees for a successful cooking session, regardless of how precise you need the cut to be. Just leave yourself in professional hands.

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Blade specifications that take cutting to the next level

Stainless steel is probably common enough in the knifing industry, but Shun’s model takes this venture a little further. The blade represents a combination of two different types of steel. The unit is mostly made of VG-10 stainless steel clad. It is covered with 32 different layers of high-carbon stainless steel. In other words, the layered construction is not the type that will give up on you when you least expect it. It will not chip or tear apart out of nowhere either, regardless of what you use it for.

At the same time, the layered construction also tops with a patterned surface. The knife is not just built professionally, but Damascus steel is also good looking and attractive. The blade angle measures 16 degrees. It is exceptionally sharp while the blade edge retention is quite surprising. If you are used for sharpening knives at every few days or weeks, you can forget about it with this model, whether you use it at home or in a restaurant. The layered construction is responsible for all these.

How far the Japanese reliability can go

In a market dominated by German knives, the Japanese have come up with a few models that simply take the standards further. Germans count on quality and seriousness while the Japanese are based on durability without sacrificing quality. Furthermore, the Japanese cuisine has its own tools and utensils. This knife is also known as gyuto in the respective culture. When compared to other chef knives, this one is a lot thinner. The blade is also lighter. All these characteristics contribute to its sharpness. The less bulky it is, the less frequently you will have to sharpen it.

As for the handle, the D-shaped unit from PakkaWood is great for comfort, but it also has a nonslip surface. With almost no friction, it guarantees for a perfect grip and no risks at all. The blade and handle are fitted together without any risks to start loosening. In fact, the knife has a lifetime warranty, so the Japanese manufacturer is extremely confident in its products. This one makes no exception either.

Features and specifications

  • Light and thin blade
  • Extra sharpness when compared to other chef knives
  • Made of two different types of stainless steel
  • Layered blade construction for more durability
  • Patterned surface
  • Sharp blade angle
  • Blade edge retention over long periods of time
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Easy maintenance
  • Made in Japan
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 7 inch long blade


Customer reviews and scores

Shun DM0760 Classic Asian Chef’s Knife has over 70 reviews and the count keeps going up. There must be some good reasons wherefore people buy it. At the same time, this kitchen knife is one of the few products on Amazon with a 4.9 star rating out of 5 stars. No matter how good they are, most products are unable to make it so far. While some people love the sharpness, some others appreciate the durability or the lightweight profile.

The knife has no 1 star reviews, yet small complaints may always show up here and there, regardless of how irrelevant they seem. A past customer has complained that the knife is too large. A different one says that his wife dislike the sharpness because it often cuts her nails. Obviously, sharpness is one of the things that make the difference in knives. A knife can never be sharp enough either.

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In the end, Shun’s gyuto was clearly designed with professional users in mind. It is durable, comfortable and highly efficient, which is exactly what you need in a professional kitchen. But on a different note, its high grade of accessibility has made it popular in a wide plethora of personal kitchens as well. Becoming a chef in your own kitchen has never been easier, whether you cook for yourself or your entire family.