Bushcraft is certainly the art of making the most out of the nature with the help of survival skills such as building a shelter, cutting woods, and crafting other tools. Obviously, such tasks need Bushcraft tools, of which a Bushcraft knife is essential. Apart from the Bushcraft skills, such a knife is also useful for camping, trekking, backpacking, and designing artworks. That is how versatile a Bushcraft survival knife is! This certainly motivated me to look for a Bushcraft knife, as I am both an adventurer who loves to be in the wilderness and a creative artwork designer whose hobby is to create home decorative items.

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During my research, I came across several Bushcraft knives. However, of all, I was more tempted to have the BOB knife from TOPS. This is because it is a Fieldcraft knife by the Brothers of Bushcraft (BOB), an alliance of men across North America dedicated to sharing skills of wilderness living of all kinds. Right from tracking to constructing shelters, the BOB team ensures reflecting all skills to all ages. Therefore, this tool is certainly a zenith of their experiences spanned across diverse landscapes: humid rain forests and scorpion-filled deserts of America. This made it quite quick for me to trust with this knife.


Thick Blade Reflecting a True Bushcraft Design

One of the unique aspects of a Bushcraft knife is the thickness of the blade. This is well reflected in this knife with a thickness of 3/16-inches that the Scandinavian grind blade possesses. Underneath the powder coat black finish, the blade has a durable design of 1095 high carbon steel, which makes the knife ideal for general woods work such as skinning and carving.

Quite efficient to sharpen by using the Scandinavian grind, the blade is perfect for those who travel outdoors for long periods. The cutting edge as an improved Scandinavian Grind has a rocking hardness of 56-58 despite which the ease of sharpening is just commendable. What is even more admirable is that the frequency of sharpening is too less, as the geometry work and hardness together renders a long lasting edge.

Ergonomic Handle and Durable Sheath Facilitating Effortless Tasks

The knife possesses one of the most ergonomic handles with useful additions in the market, which makes any task done by it quite effortless. While several knives having several frills usually lack usability, the additional items in this knife totally proves it wrong. These items are certainly the selection of the BOB team using their experience and analysis in each phase of design and, development. Among its useful additions, the bow drill divot seems to be frictionless, due to which it facilitates making those primal fires nearly effortless.

Next, nestled on the handle’s hilt is the Thumb Scallops providing more control as well as comfort while utilizing skinning and carving grips. The handle remains unaffected when the blade’s pommel also called the tang is exposed to trigger an impact from a baton. The exposed pommel has a scraper for striking Ferro rods safely as well as efficiently. Constructed out of canvas Micarta, the TOPS BOB knife’s handle shall never put you down.

Coming to the sheath, it is durable Kydex and is quite strong. Having a belt clip of steel, the sheath facilitates a safe and comfortable carry around the neck and on the belt. Due to the included Ferro-rod point of attachment, the sheath seems to amplify as a minimalist kit for survival.

Features and Specifications

  • Design by B.O.B. Brothers
  • White/Black tan canvas Micarta handle
  • 10-inch long
  • 4 5/8-inch long and 3/16-inch thick blade constructed out of 1095 high carbon
  • 4 3/8-inch cutting edge
  • Scandinavian blade grind
  • RC 56-58 hardness
  • Black Kydex sheath
  • 4 oz shipping weight
  • Made in the U.S.A

Customer Reviews and Scores

At the time of writing this review, I found 26 customer reviews and the average score given by them was 4.7 stars out of 5. Of these, almost 73% reviews are fully positive to give full 5 stars by exposing tempting pros such as awesome blade, impressive sharpness, easy to remove sheath, greater sparks with Ferro rod, and amazingly good chopping. However, the rest of the reviews have reflected the biggest limitation of the knife being heavy and susceptible to rusting after a specific period of usage.  Nevertheless, several customers said:

  • “Great quality. Feels perfect in my hand and have tried it several times in the Swedish wilderness.”
  • “It makes a great axe because of the weight. The thickness of the blade is awesome, too. Probably the best at batoning out of all the knives I have. The material hardness and sharpness of the knife is also very impressive. I split a fair amount of firewood over my last camping trip and it still very sharp.”

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From splitting logs and carving netting needles, this BOB survival Bushcraft knife is just reliable. It can do almost any task in a wilderness survival scenario.