As if Victorinox would not be popular and reputable enough among chefs, Victorinox 7-Piece Fibrox Handle Cutlery Set With Black Canvas Knife Roll steps in to add to the brand’s reputation even more. It makes no difference if you are a chef or you are just an average individual cooking  every once in a while, this knife set would be a great addition to your kitchen.

Victorinox 7-Piece Fibrox Handle Cutlery Set With Black Canvas Knife


You have probably noticed already that you cannot cut fish, meat, bread and fruits with the same knife. What works for some foods will not work for all of them. A comprehensive set of knives is not a necessity in restaurants only, but also in your own home.

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Blades take the cutting action to the next level

Victorinox’s set comes with 7 pieces. Each of them carries the exact same quality standards, with slight differences in shape, length, width and cut. You got five knives, a knife roll and a case for transportation. The set is ideal for picnics and camping trips, but it is just as handy at home. Unlike many other knives, these come with high carbon stainless steel. The level of sharpness is hard to match while the edge retention guarantees for a top notch durability. In order to add to the final results, each blade has been ice tempered individually. In other words, these are the types of knives a chef would use, yet they are available for everyday uses as well.

One for all and all for one

Cost efficiency is the element people want to see in the products they buy. Buying five knives separately, a knife roll and a case will cost two times more than this set. It makes perfect sense. You buy more products, so the price tag obviously goes down. You might expect the quality to be sacrificed in bulk packages, but Victorinox has never managed to disappoint its clients. You get unique blade manufacturing techniques, ease of sharpening, slipping resistant handles and professional qualities at amateur prices. What else can you ask for?

Features and specifications

  • Carbon stainless steel blades
  • Ice tempered blades for extra durability
  • Knife roller to keep blades in a good shape
  • Slipping resistant handle fitted with the Fibrox technology
  • Approved by the NSF
  • Made in the country famous for quality knives – Switzerland


Customer reviews and scores

With over 50 reviews left by past buyers over the past months, the knife set scores 4.7 out of 5 stars. its high reliability stands up to the manufacturer’s specifications, Victorinox 7-Piece Fibrox Handle Cutlery Set With Black Canvas Knife Roll is among the knives and sets with the highest rating over the Internet.

However, some of the reviewers have mentioned that the largest knife in this set is a little overweight and wide. Obviously, you cannot use it to cut some vegetables or bread, but way larger items. The good news is that there is something for everyone out there.

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In the end, Victorinox’s knife set can bring in the lowest cost per knife regarding quality standards. You got everything your kitchen needs in one set, with no other concerns at all.