You can probably tell already that having one or two knives will not necessarily tackle all your necessities in the kitchen. You might be able to cut and chop groceries, but cutting meat becomes a challenge. When it comes to bread, the situation is even more severe. Generally speaking, you need at least a few different models in your kitchen. If you work in a restaurant, the necessity of having more knives is even more obvious.

Victorinox 46892 Fibrox 3-Piece


This is when you need to run into Victorinox 46892 Fibrox 3-Piece Chef’s Knife Set. Victorinox is known for providing some of the most cost efficient deals on the market. Quality and low costs become even more attractive when buying “in bulk”. This set has three different chef knives in different sizes. Forget about frustration and the need to improvise. Other than that, the set is excellent in both professional and home kitchens.

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How much technology can go into a blade

It is hard to tell what makes Victorinox’s knives so widely appreciated and durable. But as you get to use one, you will be surprised. They are entirely made of high carbon stainless steel. Edge retention is a direct consequence of this material while the sharpness just cannot go any further. Worried that the knives are too lightweight? It is not because of the quality, but because of the material, which is naturally easy to work along with.

Each knife comes with unique blades. They are conical ground both crosswise and lengthwise. In other words, the resistance is close to none. They will slide through your foods just like hot iron goes through butter. They are all laser tested before hitting the market too. The exquisite sharpness asks for a little attention while cutting something. After all, these knives are created for professional chefs, yet every amateur has the opportunity to use them in their own kitchen.

The small blade measures 4 inches and is used in paring while the largest one measures 10 inches. It is a chef knife. The middle solution (8 inches) slices pretty much any kind of food.

Handles strike back

The handles are not to be overlooked either. They carry the patented Fibrox technology, which makes them textured and slip resistant. After all, your hands are almost always wet when cooking. A slipping handle may cause accidents, as well as a lot of frustration. The ergonomic design is ideal for a comfortable use. It makes no difference if you need the larger unit or the smallest one.

The lack of cutting pressure does not cause any pains around your thumb.

Features and specifications

  • Three different knives – 4, 8 and 10 inch long blades
  • Laser tested before being commercialized
  • Patented Fibrox handles
  • Made in Switzerland
  • Blades are made of high carbon stainless steel
  • Sharpness and edge retention
  • Almost no resistance while cutting
  • Slip resistant and textured handles
  • Lifetime warranty


Customers reviews and scores

With three different knives and the same high quality standards in each of them, it is no surprise why VVictorinox Fibrox 3-Piece Chef’s Knife Set makes an excellent addition to all kinds of kitchens out there. Over 170 past customers have taken their time to explain their experiences with this set. With an exquisite 4.7 star ranking out of 5 stars, it is obvious that most of them are happy with what they purchased.

Some customers complain about lacking a serrated blade. But as they start using these sharp knives, they realize that they no longer need it anyway. On the other hand, many others have bought these knives as gifts. They make cost efficient additions to any type of kitchen. If bought separately, the costs would be a lot higher.

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As a short final conclusion, Victorinox has done it once again. This is one of the numerous kitchen knife sets developed by the reputable manufacturer. As long as you actually need these knives in your kitchen, they will most likely make your life a lot easier. They are not necessarily developed for professional kitchens. Instead, they come as a solution applicable to both regular cooks and restaurants. They do a good job, they are cost efficient too. The smallest one is great for camping trips or picnics as well.