Work Sharp WSKTS-KO is a tool and knife sharpener. When I got the Ken Onion edition, I understood why  professionals told me to  get something more complex than a simple sharpening tool.

There are fixed-angle sharpeners, whetstones and other such items. This device is a totally different innovation. It comes with a ton of features, yet remains a portable gadget. It’s shape is rather unusual, but this is no downside. Nevertheless, it will make you work and look like a pro.

Work Sharp WSKTS-KO

Sharpening Knives, Scissors and All Sorts of Tools

Work Sharp WSKTS-KO will take care of anything from the heavy tools to the delicate ones. It will even sharpen pruners and shovels. The result is close to restoring these to their new condition. The device works on any kind of blade. Go ahead and sharpen the garden or shop tools. I tried it on scissors and it made a perfect cutting edge. It uses flexible belts to make blades as sharp as a hairline. These belts are adjustable. Overall, the tool is also great for repeated sharpening.

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Heavy-Duty Motor with Variable Speed

The secret of this strong sharpening device lies in its motor. It is a well improved one, able to perform at various speeds. It can do the low-speed honing, as well as the speedy grinding. The motor is cooled accordingly. When you can change the speed, you can control how a blade is sharpened. It will ensure it is always done accordingly.

Watch and Learn how to Sharpen Your Knives with Work Sharp WSKTS-KO

Work Sharp WSKTS-Ken Onion Details

  • Adjustable Sharpening Guide – can adjust angles with 1 degree from 15 to 30 degrees
  • heavy-duty motor
  • engineer abrasive belts
  • great precision
  • multiple sharpening positions
  • Scissor Sharpening Guide
  • compact design
  • portable
  • made of cast metal and polymer.

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Customer’s Reviews and Rating

With 4.7 out of 5 stars, it is bound to be an impressive tool. The amazing reviews show its quality. It is not just a product that is only sharpening knives, but can handle pretty much anything with a blade. Bear that in mind. It is amazing if we come to think of it. Customers’ opinions also focus on how well it’s made. Moreover, due to the existing options, repeated sharpening is perfectly possible. These options let one customize the strength, speed and angle. This ensures that no blade is damaged or consumed too quickly. The process does not eat away much of the steel. The variable speed combined with flexible belts ensure precise sharpening. Workshop WSKTS ken Onion edition is the best knife sharpening system we have recently come across.


You can see buying a Work Sharp WSKTS-KO as a work investment. Through it, a whole range of tools will be superbly sharp once again. It is a device that is great to carry around, easy to set up and to calibrate. It stands up to the rigors of daily use and makes a lasting edge. Even if you’re not a professional, you will sharpen so many tools with great ease.