The Different Types of Knives

Knives come in all shapes and sizes and the different types of knives vary in their purposes. Because of all of these variables, the types can start to blend together and it is hard to determine what kind of knife you are looking at. Knives are categorized according to purpose and use. Here are the categories of knives and what each of them is known for and the varieties offered under those categories.

Hunting Knives

Hunting Knives are categorized by having a good grip and a sharp blade. They also sometimes have gut hooks included to help hunters cut and gut game. The Hunting Knife’s main purpose is to help hunters cut, gut, and skin game, if the knife cannot accomplish those tasks and aid a hunter, then it is not a hunting knife. Here are a couple of the knives that are considered popular knives.

Fixed Blade

fixed blade knife

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Fixed Blade Knives are designed for strength and sturdiness. Normally used in hunting to skin and kill animals, they are also great at survival situations such as cutting wood and even starting fires. The Fixed Blade Knife is capable of doing a variety of tasks. The only con of this knife is that it is not very portable or handy if you do not have a belt to put it on.

Folding Blade

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The Folding Blade hunting knife is a nice portable knife that you can take with you anywhere. This portable knife can fit comfortably in your pocket and is easily reachable when duty calls. The portability of this knife does cause the knife to be weaker since it is not one continuous blade, but instead folds at the neck of the knife.

Kitchen Knives

There is a huge variety of Kitchen Knives offered today. Kitchen Knives are probably the most varying of all of the categories because they are used for many different tasks around the kitchen. The Kitchen Knife is designed to help the cook in the kitchen prepare, make, and eat whatever food they desire. Listed below are the different types of Kitchen Knives and their special purposes.

Paring Knife

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This is probably on of the smallest knives that you can find in any kitchen. A Paring Knife is normally only 3-4 inches long and is used for cutting fruit or vegetables. This is one of the staple knives you find in the kitchen because of its size and use.

Chef’s Knife
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The Chef’s Knife is probably the most universal knife that you can own in your kitchen. This knife does everything; chop, slice, cut and dice. It is 8-12 inches long so it can cut and large food and small food that comes to it. Chef’s Knives are non-serrated and have a sharp edge.

Boning Knife

boning knife

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A Boning Knife is normally not a vegetarian’s first choice in knife because it is used for removing and taking off meat from the bone. It can also be used to filet fish and chopping vegetables. Although the name sounds like you can use this knife to cut through bone, you can’t. To chop bone you will use a clever, which is a knife listed below.

Bread Knife

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The Bread Knife’s purpose is pretty obvious. The bread knife is a very long, serrated knife that allows you to cut bread without having to press down on it and mush it. It is used in a sawing motion in order to prevent crumbs. The Bread Knife is a kitchen essential especially those who can not stand squishing their bread while grocery shopping, which is all of us.


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The Clever is a very large, intimidating knife that is associated with butchers and horror films. In reality though it is used to cut through meat and bone. It is especially good at doing this because of its considerable weight and tall blade height. Not only can it cut meat well, but the softer side of it is commonly used to mince garlic, this makes it easy to kill two birds with one stone (or clever).

Carving Knife
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A Carving Knife is a kitchen knife that is designed to carve breasts, roasts, and the Thanksgiving Turkey. This serrated knife is also used in a sawing motion, similar to the bread knife, to produce even cuts.

Combat Knives

Among the thousands of different types of knives out there, Combat Knives are very common. Combat Knives are designed especially for combat and fighting. They are made to inflict the most amount of  damage possible in the shortest amount of time. These knives are dangerous and are usually used in war. Combat Knives also vary in purpose. Below is a summarization of all of the different types of Combat Knives.



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The Karambit is the coolest looking combat knife out there. Designed after a cat’s claws, this knife is made to inflict as much damage as possible. It is a common to see this knife in combat and in self defense situations because of its sharp and dangerous edge.


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The Bayonet is a knife that is usually used in war. This is a knife that is attached to the end of a rifle and does damage through thrusting motions. Not only can you hurt the opposing enemy with this knife, but you can also destroy their rifle with it.

Tactical Knife

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A Tactical Knife can be used for both fighting and utility purposes. You can use it as a survival knife but it is also specializes in combat situations. This knife gives you the best of both worlds and serves both purposes, combat and survival, well. A Ka-Bar Becker Bk2 is a good example of this kind of knife.

Trench Knife

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A knife that was used in WW1 and is illegal in some states, the Trench Knife is a dangerous weapon that is a combination of brass knuckles and a bayonet. A Trench Knife is extremely unsafe because of the amount of damage it can do because of the users ability to punch, slash, and stab with it using the same grip.

Work Knives

Work Knives can commonly be seen being used by people at work or around the house. They are used by people of different professions for specific activities. As you will see below, Work Knives come in all shapes and sizes and can be used to fix common problems.

Pocket Knife

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A Pocket Knife is a handy tool that can be used by everyone. With special tools like a file, clippers, and a small knife wrapped up in one tool, it can be extremely helpful in unexpected situations. Pocket Knives also are knives whose blades can fold and fit in the users pocket.

Diver’s Knife

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The Diver’s Knife is used by divers universally underwater because it is has a heat resistant handle. This is a solid knife that can be safely stored in a sheath on the leg of the diver for convenience.

Electrician’s Knife

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This knife is a commodity for electricians because of its ability to prevent the electrician from being shocked through its insulated handle. It is a pocket knife so it is portable and easily stored which contributes to its convenience to the electrician.


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A common Christmas gift, the multitool is a variety of tools within a tool. Need to quickly cut some rope? Use the multitool. Have a hangnail? The multitool has a tool for that. See a loose screw in that chair you were about to sit in? Definitely pull out your multitool. It has a tool to fix anything life decides to throw at you.

Carpenter’s Knife

carpenter's knife

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Also known as a Utility Knife, the Carpenter’s Knife has a retractable and replaceable blade that can be switched out to help fulfill any or the user’s cutting needs. This knife excels in cutting tough carpet are fabric.

This article is a summary of the knives offered. Knives are specialized to help the user accomplish their purpose with ease without having to worry about the knife falling out on them.

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